Thursday, October 1, 2009

On Concerts

So I went last night to see Pink, or is it P!nk? I never know. In any event, it was grrrreat show! I always forget how many catchy songs she has, and then one comes on, and I'm like, "oh yeah!", and then rock out. It was a very colourful show and was circus themed: there were acrobatics, giant slides, and at one point she got lowered beneath the stage and came back up soaking wet, and then dripped all over the audience. I found that kind of...icky, buuuut whatever, I'm sure if I was a hardcore Pink fan, I would be like, "yes, please drip your sweat/water on me". She did several covers, one of which was Queen. You can't ever go wrong with Queen can you? She also sang "I Touch Myself" while writhing around on a couch with all these arms coming out of nowhere rubbing all over her. That part was a little too Madonna/Like a Virgin esque for me.

The Ting Tings opened up for her. For some reason I thought this band consisted of two girls, but it is in fact a guy and a girl. I *think* I like them. I found the girl to be extremely screechy in some songs, to the point where I thought I was going to freak out because it just wouldn't stop, but then other songs made me want to buy the cd. So we'll see. "That's not my name, that's not my name, that'snot". That's one of those songs that is extremely irritating, yet somehow it is still on my IPOD. Anyway, they are British, and I generally enjoy all things British.

We had pretty good seats, but as you can see from my pictures below, we weren't overly close. Also, my camera doesn't do well with the whole "zoom" thing. I have to be incredibly still to get a non blurry picture. Someone can exhale loudly beside me and it will pretty much ruin things.

There was this couple in front of us that were drunk out of their faces. The guy had his hat on sideways and his pants basically around his ankles, and he kept yelling out "PINK ROCKS!", which made my brain go: does not compute. It was kind of hilarious. He kept turning around and saying stuff, and everyone had the same look of, I have no idea what you just said, on their face. It may as well have been Finnish it sounded so foreign. There were actually three people in the drunken group, but one of them was a blond girl/third wheel who was not nearly as drunk. She probably wanted to be though. At one point, Pink was singing a slow song, with a really lovely piano melody to go along with it, and the blond girl was making a video. Then in the middle of her video, her drunken friend randomly sticks her face in front of the camera and just yells, "bajdklfjjkjkjjjdfakdjfdjfkdjf". hahaha, way to ruin the video! It was probably her friends favourite song, which she was clearly trying to preserve the memory of, and it is now tainted by a drunken close up shot of her friend screaming. Video bomb! It was funny because it wasn't my video.

I am getting wayyyy to elderly to be going to concerts on weeknights. How sad is that? I didn't get home until 2am, and now I am basically useless. The train ride home was unpleasant as I had to stand the entire time, and try not to awkwardly stare at people. You know when a train is so full, and you are just kind of like, where exactly do I look? I opted for the ground. Ugh, crowded trains.

All in all, it was fun night! I need more concerts in my life.

Crappy concert photos (in some you can actually make out that it's Pink):


radiogael said...

Too elderly? No way! You're only as young/old as you feel.

Seems like it was lot of fun, not my cup of tea, but big concerts are great!

Flory said...

LOL - can't remember last time I went to a concert. Love Pink! She looks great in these photos. I was trying to win tickets to see Rob Thomas - didn't win. :(

Visiting from SITS.

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