Friday, October 16, 2009

Furry Friday

Carter, the lovely brown lab. It didn't show up in the photo, but the fur around his eyes is a totally different colour brown than the rest of him. Weird. Carter has a bit of a sad story, not horrible by any means, but still enough to make you hate people a little. He was taken by the OSPCA because his owners did not provide any vet care. At all. He's a sweet dog, but who ever takes him in is going to have to be willing to spend a bit at the vet. He has really bad skin, and he is allergic to everything. Poor Bud.

Scruffy! This dog is aptly named. He is part yorkie part schnauzer, and he is a total sweetie. After running around like a maniac, he just sad on my lap and shivered, but I'm pretty sure he was pretending so I would cuddle him, because it wasn't that cold. His act worked of course, I cuddled the shite out of him!! So cute. He will be gone by next week, I can feel it in my bones.

This dog is a cutie, with one of those barooooing barks I love so much.

Another lovely Husky, but this one has pretty brown eyes. The dog was a little unsure of life, and he was not a fan of that camera, so he looks like a bit of a grumpo. He's still adjusting to the shelter life. Oh, and I am happy to report the beauty husky with the blue eyes from last week got adopted. Woooot!

Here is my bud Brooklyn again. Someone needs to adopt this sweetie very soon. She's been at the shelter for a while now, and she is soooo good. She hates other dogs, but other than that, she is a love. She however loves to play tug-o-war and just about broke my arm yesterday. She is one jacked dog. I've written before over my concern about Pitbulls, so I don't want to rehash that, only to say, I'm always extremely worried about who adopts them. I wish the shelter would look into it more. It is SO important for the breed as a whole, that all pitbull owners are responsible. The public has a very distorted view of "pitbulls", and that is mostly due to irresponsible/criminal owners. Pitbulls are lovely dogs. They can be deadly, don't get me wrong, but so can many other large dogs, if they are trained to be that way.

I was chatting to one of the workers the other night about whether they screen people more when they want to adopt a pitbull....and they said no, not really. Which I think is a wee bit ridiculous, but it is not my place (not yet anyway) to say anything about that. Personally, when people go to adopt a pit, I think they should get the shite screened out of them. This is nothing against the people, and most of them are probably responsible, but it is all about weeding out the assholes. It would break my heart if somebody came in to the shelter, adopted one of my pit buds, then trained them to be aggressive/fight other dogs, thus perpetuating the problem.

Oh, apparently I am going to ramble about pitbulls. Sorry! It just makes me so mad. And one of the pitbulls at the shelter Homer, a complete sweetie, got adopted! Yay!!

As I have mentioned, the big Walk a Thon is coming up at the shelter this weekend. Wish me luck guys, and pray for no rain!! I have never been responsible for an event of this magnitude before, and I am a leeeetle stressed. I have loved every minute of planning it, no doubt, but ohhhh boy, I hope we raise a goood amount of money and everything runs smoothly.

We are having a dog costume contest at the walk a thon, which I can't even wait for. What's cuter than dogs in costumes? Not much! I'll post pictures! But I thought it would be nice if some of my shelter buds would have a costume so people can ohhh and awww over them. I found this vampire cape at the dollar store. And I wrote on it in masking tape. Is it just me, or is that hilarious? hahaha. Ohhhh boy.


Laura said...

OO good luck with the walk-a-thon this weekend!!! i'll be praying for no rain for you! Can't wait to see pics :)

carissajaded said...

I love that you do so much for these dogs! And I get really angry about pit bulls as well. My Stella is part pit and is the least agressive dog in the world. And good luck with the walkathon!

Ann On and On... said...

You have such a huge heart. I am also a dog lover stuck in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. What's up with that? I also have a lifestyle that isn't good for animals, so I'll go on loving other peoples dogs for now.

I really agree with you about pit bulls. I hope your pit finds a good loving home!

Welcome to SITS!!!

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