Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day is a really cool idea. One day, thousands of bloggers all writing on one topic that affects us all in a huge way-climate change. I don't profess to be any kind of expert on this topic, and my science skills are slim to nil, but I do know the issue concerns me in a big way. Aka, it scares the crap out of me. I really don't understand why it isn't a bigger deal for politicians. I mean, do something and do something quickly!

I have deep love for Al Gore and even deeper love for David Suzuki. Can I just tell you a little story about David Suzuki? For those of you who don't know who he is, he is the man who should be running Canada. Older Asian men don't normally do it for me, but David Suzuki is a god, and I would pretty much marry him. His mother used to live down the street from us (or so the rumour went), and I would see her all the time. I would watch her walk her grandkids to school every day, and just think, "today is the day I am going to go talk to her", but I never did, because I suppose that would be slightly creepy and what if she wasn't actually David Suzuki's mother? Anyways. I met David Suzuki one time in university, when I somehow managed to volunteer to be backstage at a presentation he was doing. My duty was to guide David Suzuki through the hallway onto the stage and make sure he didn't trip. He didn't trip, but I'm pretty sure I did. I trip so you don't have to Mr. Suzuki. Holy lord was I nervous. David Suzuki ya'll! I met him, he was nice, and ever since my love has only grown stronger. Thus I give you, David Suzuki tips for how to help slow climate change through things you can do in your own home:. At work.. David's nature challenge!. Food issues!. Have I mentioned that I love this man? He is pretty much the King of Canada. Give him the Nobel Peace Prize!!

I read an article recently on the top 100 effects of global warming. This shit is grim people! Here are some alarming effects:

-No Christmas Trees-The Pine Bark Beetle, which feeds on and kills pine trees, used to be held in control by cold winter temperatures. Now the species is thriving and killing off entire forests in British Columbia, unchecked.

-Cultural Landmarks Disappearing: The World Monuments Fund recently added “global warming” as a threat in their list of the top 100 threatened cultural landmarks. “On Herschel Island, Canada, melting permafrost threatens ancient Inuit sites and a historic whaling town. In Chinguetti, Mauritania, the desert is encroaching on an ancient mosque. In Antarctica, a hut once used by British explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott has survived almost a century of freezing conditions but is now in danger of being engulfed by increasingly heavy snows.”

-No more really cool creatures: Scientists recently revealed a “lost world” of marine life off the coast of Indonesia, including 20 new species of corals, 8 species of shrimp, a technicolor fish that “flashes” bright pink, yellow, blue, and green hues, and sharks that “walk” on their fins.However, marine biologists warn the threats posed by global warming means millions of other crazycool sea creatures may become extinct before we ever discover them. Sharks that walk? That is afreakinmazing!

-More mosquitoes: Get ready for more mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like to live in drains and sewer puddles. During long dry spells (brought on by higher temperatures) these nasty, stagnant pools become a vital source of water for thirsty birds ... which provide a tasty feast for the resident mosquitoes. At the same time, these dry spells “reduce the populations of dragonflies, lacewings, and frogs that eat the mosquitoes.” I hate mosquitoes.

-Species Extinction: The latest report from the World Conservation Union says that a minimum of 40 percent of the world’s species are being threatened ... and global warming’s one of the main culprits. That is devastating to me!

-Grey Whales: Save the whales! Global warming is thwarting majestic gray whales’ struggle to recover from their endangered status. In recent years, more gray whales have been washing up on beaches after starving to death. Culprit: Rising ocean temps, which are killing off their food supply.

-The World is Shrinking: In 2005, a giant chunk of ice the size of Manhattan broke off of a Canadian ice shelf and began free floating westward, putting oil drilling operations in peril.

-Great Barrier Reef: According to the U.N., the Great Barrier Reef will disappear within decades as “warmer, more acidic seas could severely bleach coral in the world-famous reef as early as 2030.”

Okay, and these are just some!! I've neglected to mention all the we are all going to die bits.

I've written about this before.

It's weird, I think the average person is aware of just how big of a problem this is, and would do whatever it takes to help solve it. The problem is that the people who actually have the ability to make large changes happen need to get off their asses. Some people may say it isn't that easy, but I think when the entire fate of our planet hangs in the balance, it should be that easy.

I find the entire situation frustrating.


Laura said...

When you really sit down and think about all the horrible effects of global warming it gets pretty scary doesn't it? It's sad that there's still so many people that really don't care.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good Job!!!

carissajaded said...

Great post! I don't know a lot about Canadian politics but this guy sounds like a good guy. And what? Sharks that walk? We must save these amazing creatures! but kill the mosquitos? that sounds hypocritical...

greedygrace said...

scary stuff. Great food for thought.

I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

Meg said...

@Laura...yes, very scary. I just don't understand how some people don't care!


@Carissa-sad thing is, David S isn't even a politician, just an activist. But if he ran for PM he would have my vote!! And I agree, it is hypocrytical, however, I really, really hate mosquitoes. And think of all the possibilities for walking could ride one to work, you could...ummmmmm

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