Monday, October 5, 2009

Something that drives me insane...

I hate dumb commercials and billboards, HATE. Like, I find some commercials are so stupid that they insult people's intelligence to an alarming degree. There are so many commercials that just make me go what.the.feck?, and then consider throwing stuff at the television.

So I present to you, commercials that annoy the piss out of me:

-The latest one that irritates me to no end is the Quizno's one. I can't find it on YouTube or else I would post it, if only to show you just how dumb it is. Anyway, there is a guy sitting on a couch and beside him is an oven. Then the oven says "So and so, I know how hard it must have been for you to have an oven as a mother, but at least I can make you toasty subs" (not exact words, but it's so stupid it doesn't matter anyway). First of all, what does that even mean? An oven for a mother? Were the makers of this commercial high when they came up with the concept? Who agreed this would be a good way to sell subs? Cause I can tell you, this commercial ensures I will never ever eat at Quizno's regardless of how good their subs are. If I ever meet the maker of the commercial I am stabbing him/her in the ankle with a pencil.

That goddamn commercial where the couple is lying on the couch and the girl asks for a malteser and the guy hands her one. WITH A STRAW. He sucks it onto the end of the straw and drops it into her mouth. Feck. 1) just hand her the bag dumbass! It would take way less exertion and be way less creepy 2) this seems like a really good way to make someone choke. And then they sit there and giggle and laugh like the hugest dorks on the planet. So annoying. I like me some maltesers, but what what is up with all the annoying commercials?? Also, when I tried to find a youtube link for this one, all that came up was approx. 45 videos on people doing a parody of this commercial. Also, there is a group on facebook with 868 members that is called "I hate that maltesers commercial". ahahaha, these are my kind of people. I'm joining, even though I haven't seen that commercial in months. But it retroactively annoys me just to think about, that's how bad it is. Whoa, and guess who just spent way too long reading posts on this groups wall? That shit is comedy cold. My favourite wall quote regarding this commerical: "OH man do i EVRE KNOW!!!!!!

my EX bf loved it and I was like GAHHHHH we are breakin up then we broke up

but it wasn't becuz of the commercial but it was party well kinda but GAHHH
I HATEIT!!!!!!!!!"
What? That's almost as annoying as the commercial itself. There is some serious built up rage all over the world for this commercial.

-Any Old Navy commercial with the talking mannequins. Especially the new one where they are at the airport, and the one mannequin is missing her legs and the other mannequin is randomly British. Gah. The only place I want to see talking mannequins is on Today's Special.

-Chantal Kreviazuk hair commercial. I"m not sure why this commercial bugs me so much, but whenever it comes on I want to rip shit.

-The cat food commercial where the cat in the commercial is played by a male human. I can't remember the cat's name in the commercial, or even what product the ad is for. I think the cats name was Norman? or was it Frank? Regardless, it's so irritating. He's all in the corner licking his "paws", and the lady is like "ohhhh norman". die norman, die.

There are many more commercials that irritate the hell out of me, but these are the main ones that are guaranteed to always make me change the channel and likely never buy the product ever. Well, except Old Navy, because I enjoy their cheap ass clothes. Falls apart in one day? Not a problem, it only cost me a dollar!

Perhaps I shouldn't get SO irritated with stupid commercials, but I just can't help it. It boggles my mind wondering what people were actually THINKING when they made them. Don't they realize how much they are annoying people???


Erin said...

I have a really unhealthy amount of hatred for those Old Navy mannequins. They completely freak me out and it annoys me that they are put in all these stupid situations.

I am also insanely jealous that you even HAVE Malteser commercials. They don't sell those in the US, but I can sometimes find them at a liquor store near me (I know, of all places...). They are my absolute favorite and I wish they sold them here!

Meg said...

believe me, the commericals would make you reconsider your love of maltesers. if you ever get a large craving for maltesers, and you can't find them at the liquor store (hahaha) let me know and i'll send you a giant box of them!

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