Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Adventures

Do you ever have one of those moments where you absolutely must go somewhere, anywhere, or else you might burst? I don't know if it is just my city or what, but sometimes I just really need to get out of here. It doesn't matter where to, as long as it isn't here. The city feels cagey sometimes, everything repeats itself, everything is the same, and I must get out. I mean, I live in a city where a crazy wild turkey routinely makes the newspaper.

I felt like that this week, thus this weekend was spent up in beautiful Western New York where luckily my aunt has a place. Ellicotville is more well known for it's amazing skiing, but in the Fall, it is equally as great. Nestled right in the mountains, Ellicotville, Great Valley, and surrounding areas, can literally take your breath away in autumn.

Fall Festival was happening, which meant the streets were full of vendors, every possible kind of food imaginable was for sale and apple cider was of ample supply. They also were having chair rides up one of the ski lifts which was pretty cool. They had a bbq and a band on top of one of the hills. We decided to walk down the hill after riding up, which in theory was great, but in reality was actually kind of painful. My knees were confused. And I almost wiped out approx. 8 times.

Another day we spent some time in a state park at a place called "Little Rock City". After driving for a good while far, far into the woods we finally came across it. It was basically giant rocks that you could walk on top of, walk in between and in general just marvel at. They were all covered in moss, and it felt a little bit like a different world. So cool. My aunt at some point decided it would be fun to mention the bears that live in the woods, which made me entirely unnerved. Getting mauled by a bear is not how I want to leave this world! In any event, we saw nary a bear, or any other kind of animal for that matter and it was a lovely hike.

I love fall, it is without a doubt my favourite season. The colours, the crispness in the air, the smell, Halloween!! I could live in fall year round. I love walking down the sidewalk and hearing the crunch of leaves, and I love bundling up and just being outside.

Photos don't quite do it justice...


carissajaded said...

I am so incredibly jealous! That looks so beautiful. I've never gotten to see the Northeast this time of year. Down here we barely get fall... the leaves don't really turn orange... just brown. And brown leaves and 85 degree weather just doesn't make make people get in the spirit of things. Sighhhh... I want to jump into your photograph!

Anastasia B. said...

What BEAUTIFUL shots!!!! Absolutely breath taking!

xo Anastasia B.

Laura said...

Beautiful pics Meg! I used to go to western New York a lot for varsity riding and always loved passing through the smaller towns this time of year. They were all always so quaint and stunning and lovely all at once.

sandy said...

Beautiful pictures! I just love the colors of fall!

Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

lifelove'n'wine said...

Sounds and looks wonderful! Fall is definitely beautiful.

Meg said...

I just stumbled upon this post, and those pictures are beautiful! I've never really been much of a fall person, but this year I'm kind of wondering why. It seems so perfect!

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