Friday, October 23, 2009

Bringing back the randomness

Okay, remember when I disappeared for a week? Sorry. I'll do my best to sum up my past week into fun and not so fun categories. And hopefully I'll resume regular posting next week.

Yay: Seeing Joel Plaskett live last Friday night. The venue was small, and the music was great. I love me some Joel Plaskett.
Nay: Drunk girls at concert who of course were directly behind us and proceeded to shriek like they were at a Backstreet Boys concert circa 1998 for the entire show. Shut. the. eff. up. Not the time, nor the place for shrieking. Everybody within a five foot radius of them wanted them dead.

Yay: We raised over $7000 for shelter at the walk a thon. WOOHOO!! It was a fun day and there was nary a problem. I'll put some pictures at the bottom. Dogs in costumes make everybody happy.
Nay: Finding out about the unfortunate demise of my buddy Brooklyn. Can't think about it, will cry. All I can say is, I will be wearing my "Ban the deed, Not the Breed" sweatshirt loud and proud, everywhere I go, until the stupid ban is reversed. Brookie did not get a happy ending. And that my friends, is why sometimes, spending so much time at a shelter is slightly emotionally crippling.
But yay: $7000 for my other buds. The money will be put to good use!!

Nay: Beginning my Monday morning by smashing my knee off the corner of my dresser. I literally woke up, got out of bed, moved one foot, and smashy smashy. I don't enjoy when my entire week begins like this.

Yay: Learning the Thriller dance! My friend and I are participating in Thrill the World tomorrow night, and we are going to be doing so while dressed like zombies! I am excited. I just need to learn the actual dance. Tonight we are going to a workshop to learn the dance!

Yay: Thank the good LAWD it's Friday.

Yay: On Sunday I have nothing officially planned. It has been a while since that has happened, and I am going to love it.

Nay: So much work to do. I mean, besides actual work, there is other work, articles to write, newsletters to write, wedding photos to edit.

Nay: My outfit today. I got to work today, looked in the mirror and I was just like, what the hell am I wearing? It's like I was drunk when I got dressed. Seriously, if you met me for the first time today, you would probably slowly back away. It involves a dressy blazer and a t-shirt that says "Deutschland" on it. Why Megs? Why???

Yay: It's almost Halloween. I looooove Halloween!!!

Nay: One day I actually might kill the mailman. Right now I've opted to ignore him, but I seriously want to punt him across the world. He think he's hilarious, but he's not, and he is one of those people that are always like, "cheer up!", "smile!". It's like, I was in a perfectly fine mood until you came in here and annoyed me. I detest when people tell me to smile. Go away. He'll do this thing where he pretends to hand me the mail, then pull it away, then hand it back and pull it away, till I'm all, you better seriously hand me the mail now, or I'm stapling your hand to your thigh. Give me the fecking mail.

Yay: Dancing! Last night I went to a fundraiser which was Sex and the City themed, so it involved dancing and fun drinks. And trivia! I love trivia because I am amazing at it. I won a dvd, which I already had so I gave it to my friend, but none the less...I won! Also, the dancing! You know how the cheesiest songs are always the most fun to dance too? YMCA? Yes please! Come on Eileen? Let me Clear my Throat? It was a string of great songs, and my feet hurt, and life was good.

Yay: Glee! I love this show. As I have mentioned before, I would basically be in heaven if people just sang like they were in musicals all the time. I think this show is about as close as I am going to get to that.

Nay: The oncoming saga of the quarter life crisis? Is this thing meant to last for years on end?

Nay: This computer is effing up large, so I can't make links or anything fun of that nature. Wamp wamp. I'll have to put up dog picturs later.

Nay: I missed the shelter last night due to aforementioned fundraiser. Will be going there Sunday though to visit my buds!

Ahhhh, that was surprisingly cathartic!!


carissajaded said...

I have so much to say about this! First, I am glad you're back!
I am so sorry to hear about Brooklyn,but congrats on all the money!
Umm soo awesome about your thriller dance. I have been waiting for one of those to happen around here. I starting to think I'll just start one myself!
And the sex and the city fundraiser sounds like a blast! I also, am a huge fan of trivia!

lifelove'n'wine said...

Sorry about all the nays, but I'm so glad that the fundraiser was so successful! Nice work!

Also, I LOOOVE me some trivia and dancing to cheesy songs! Woo!

One of the bloggers I read from the Seattle area is also doing a Thrill the World thing this weekend. So cool. Wish it would happen here!

Erin said...

Thriller Dance! How fun!

Sorry to hear about Brooklyn. I'm really sensitive when it comes to animals, so I can imagine how upset you must be.

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