Friday, October 9, 2009

Furry Friday


Duke! This dog never gets less amusing for me. He is just so...cartoonish.

Isn't this dog gorgeous?

Bailee. She's adopted already, which is unsurprising because she is sooo friggin cute, and seriously one of the fluffiest/softest dogs ever. I could not stop squeezing her, she was so teddy bear esque.

Carleigh. This is a dog I'm very close to taking home, because I ADORE her. She has some major issues, but I her. I am going to tell the shelter I would be willing to foster her if need be, which could be a slippery slope, but I don't think the shelter environment is helping her issues (she's terrified of men, and does not like other dogs). Anyway, she's a sweetie.

"Lefty" who I think I put a picture up of last week...well, he's a huge brat, but last night he was all kinds of amusing. Someone had bought me a coffee, which I had set out on the picnic table in the run. I was just finishing removing my jacket and purse from the area because I knew the dog would be allll over that, when I turned around the grab my coffee and there was Lefty up on the table. She grabbed my cup between her teeth and proceeded to run crazily around the yard spilling coffee everywhere as she went. Then she stopped and drank the rest of it. It was kind of hilarious.

On a random note that is still slightly related, I just saw somebody walk by the office window walking two dogs, and one of them was a dog from the shelter. I am constantly on the lookout for dogs that have been adopted from the humane society, because I like to know how they are doing, and because I have a creepy ability to recognize them. Anyway, this dog that just walked by- Cosmo, was the craziest dog I had ever met in my life. Like, he was just insane all the time and it took forever to get him adopted. We have this board on the shelter where people can send in stories about dogs/cats they have adopted, and it's just nice to see. There was recently a story sent in about Cosmo, and when I read it, I stood in the shelter and cried like a fool, because I get overly emotional about dogs, and it was such a nice letter. Cosmo is doing so well in his new home and they love him. They have another dog who has probably been a great role model for Cosmo and calmed him down some and yada yada, the whole thing makes me soooo happy. Being at a shelter so much, I hear my share of sad stories, brutal, sad stories, so when I hear a happy one, I grab on to it and live in it. Not much can brighten my day like a nice happy ending for one of my buds.

Walk A Thon is coming up approx. one week. I *hope* it goes well and we raise a decent amount of money. It is the first event I have ever planned, and I am so excited/stressed! Woot!


lifelove'n'wine said...

Furry Fridays always brighten my day. I love seeing/reading about those little guys. Thanks for the story about Cosmo...happy dog stories are the best!

Cristina said...

So cute! Thanks for posting about these dogs in need of homes. I volunteer at my local shelter and it always amazes me to see how many wonderful animals are there waiting for their "fur-ever" home.

Meg said...

Aww, I'm glad you guys like it. I would write about the dogs everyday, because I am just that obsessed, but I try and keep it to one day a week. But yes, there are SO many great dogs!!

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

Love wolf dogs and their eyes. Think that is the next dog I'm going to get.

Will def check the shelter out too.

Good writing!

I too rant...

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