Monday, October 26, 2009

On Thrilling the World

So I participated in Thrill the World on Saturday night, and I don't believe they know yet if we broke the world record...but I'm thinking probably yes! However, it was fun times! Group dancing while dressed like zombies? Yes please! My friend K and I went to the dance workshop on Friday night so we could learn the dance, and we got it pretty down pat. Although when we actually attempted to do it in a large group, it was significantly harder because some people didn't know what they were doing and it became slightly confusing. Also, there was this random small child behind me...not sure who she belonged to, but she was about two, and I almost ran into her like 12 times. It still went well though, there was 91 people registered and pretty much all of them were dressed up like zombies. We danced in a pavilion in a park which was definitely the perfect spot. It was freezing, so the roof of the pavilion blocked the wind a bit. Plus, the floor was wooden and it made the most awesome clomping noise when people starting dancing in unison. So fun.

I think K and I did pretty well with our costumes. I found this scar putty stuff that I was obsessed with, and it actually worked pretty well! We also bought this "tooth out" black wax stuff, but as you will probably be able to tell from the pictures, it wasn't so great. I definitely spit it out after it being there for half an hour.

And besides all the fun-ness, this was a great way to raise money for charity! It was an all around win.

We had one reporter take our picture, and he was like "pretend you are strangling her!"...which I did, but I did so while hysterically laughing, so we'll see if that makes it to print. I couldn't keep a straight scary face to save my life. We also told the reporter to put our ages as "392" and "396", but he wasn't haven't it. Oh reporters with no sense of humour. Anyways! Oh, and I also randomly won a Michael Jackson cd...not too sure why, but some girl just came up to me, and was like "here you go!"

I can't believe I'm actually posting these on here!

Not sure what this pose was...I believe I am trying to look scary though!

After getting ready! Happy zombies!

Mid dance.

I'm definitely going to do it again next year! Fun fun.


carissajaded said...

That looks so much fun! Great Zombie costume, by the way! I pretty much dress up as a zombie every year... I have so much fun doing the makeup!

Laura said...

That's so awesome! I remember hearing about this on The Edge the other day. Must have been so fun!

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