Friday, October 30, 2009

Furry Friday

Thank you baby Jesus, it's Friday!! I'm way more excited about this Friday than I normally am about other could be because tomorrow is HALLOWEEN, and I love me some candy and costumes. And pumpkins! And dancing at the bar!

Anyway, it's puppy time!! Last night was a fairly typical evening at the shelter, tons of dogs, not enough time. My arms got mauled slightly by a american bulldog/boxer mix, who was one strong mofo. I couldn't even get a picture of him because he wouldn't stop jumping on me. There was also a giant, like the most giant Rottie I have ever seen in my life, who I did not take out, because well, he umm scared me a bit. He was HUGE and barking and strong, and sometimes I just don't have the strength or willingness to get knocked over and jumped on by huge dogs. Plus I had to go somewhere after the shelter, and didn't want to be toooo covered in mud. I've had to work the past four Thursday evenings, so I haven't been able to be at the shelter as long as I would have liked. Next Thursday, it's back to my regular time slot!

Anyway, this weeks models:

Scruffy again. Just cause he's so cute, and I like to squeeze him. His adoption is pending, so they are probably doing a yard check. Hopefully works out and he gets to go to his new home soon! He is such a good dog, and he does that hilarious small dog thing when he just tears around the yard. So funny.

Charlie. He is such a love. He's been at the shelter since last winter, which makes me sad. He got adopted, but then the new owners brought him back because they couldn't afford him. I can't even tell you how irritated that makes, how dumb are you? Dogs are expensive! People should realize this from the get go. But soooo many don't. So many of these dogs are up for adoption because their owners "couldn't afford them". Anyway, I'm doing up the newsletter for the shelter soon, and I think I'll feature Charlie as the dog of the month. And this picture cracks me up! I would like to find him a good home before Christmas, I may make this my personal mission.

Who's not a sucker for dogs with a patch covering their eye?

Awwww Rottie puppy, so cute. This dog's gonna be huge!!

Oh animal shelter...I wished I worked there. Can you imagine what a dog overload I would have if I actually did? I would have to refrain myself from posting dog pictures everyday of my life. I need to constantly remind myself that not everybody is as obsessed with dogs as I am. So far I have managed to contain it to Fridays!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! And a Happy Halloween!!


Laura said...

Scruffy is the cutest thing ever!!!!

angryredhead said...

Weird, I thought I had added you to my RSS but turns out I didn't. Wooops! Charlie has the most expressive eyes I have EVER seen. I WANT!

MeCassieMarie said...

Gah! I love these pictures! I'm a huge dog lover. (My three are back home with the dogs in dorms thing.) Someone should adopt Charlie...geeze I would if I could HOW BEAUTIFUL! We got our dog Kita, who is an Akita, from the shelter. She is a sweetheart and one of the absolute BEST dogs in the world. She's also spoiled rotten...but whatever.

carissajaded said...

Oh i love love that spot over the eye! i want them all!!

I used to want to work for the animal shelter too. But I would be in the same boat. Wayyy too many dogs!

Smileyfreak said...

I'm not actually that much of a dog person *please don't hate me* but those dogs are soooo cute! What is with people saying they 'can't afford' to keep the dogs?! Do they not think about it before they get it?!?!

Sami said...

Ohhhhhh my gosh, puppies!! I think it's awesome that you help out at the shelter, there are always so many animals there that could use a little bit of lovin'. If I had the means and the money, I'd be taking them all home!!

Meg said...

i know, i walk the fine line every day of becoming a crazy dog lady!

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