Friday, October 2, 2009

Furry Friday

What a cutie. This dog seemed to understand when I said "high five", because he did it every time. Coincidence? Perhaps. Extremely cute? Yes.

I know Duke was on here last week, but he cracks me up way to much. Doesn't he look crazed? Granted, he is a little crazy, but that makes him all the more charming. He reminds me of Santa's Little Helper. The episode where Bart took SLH to dog training class, and he never learned anything. But then randomly just when he almost had to give him away SLH suddenly learned the commands. Same thing applies to Duke except all he understands is "sit". He was going absolutely insane moments before I took this photo, running around all crazy and jumping and play biting and generally being a nut. Then I said "sit" and he stopped dead and sat. So hilarious.

Yesterday was like Staffie day or something because there were several of them. I love Brooklyn to pieces, and she has been at the shelter for a good while now. She has had a little cast on her back foot for several weeks now, because she got hurt, but she was all healed yesterday so she could run around again. I love when dogs do the sticking the bum in the air, play stance. I hope she gets adopted soon! There was a lady looking at her yesterday and I tried to talk her up big time. We'll see how that goes.

Lefty is adorable, still very puppyesque though. He would not stop biting and jumping, and chewed on my hand for a while. Also, at one point he managed to get all the little poop bags in his mouth and then ran around the yard, chewing them. I had to run after him, picking them up as they fell. It was fun. Then he chomped on my puffy vest and I had to run after him while he dragged that around. Also fun. Then he grabbed my purse, but I managed to catch him before he spilled everything out of there. Good thing he was cute!

And also:

Here Lefty is in his cage after going out to play. Zonked out. Sorry for the jail like picture, but I didn't want to wake him up by opening the kennel door.

The shelter runs have some really unfortunate placement as they are right by a drive thru. Back in the day when the shelter was build there was absolutely nothing around it, and now a freaking cornucopia of big box stores surround it. The Timmy's drive thru is right next door.

People that go through the line can see everything that is happening. Which is good on the one hand because they get to see the dogs, and ask questions. People are always yelling out their window. Always. Is that dog up for adoption? What kind of dog is that? How old is that dog? What is that dogs name? Where did he come from?? Some ask questions I can't possibly know the answer too. Anyways!

Last night I had a German Shepherd puppy out...he is at that age where he wants to hump everything. Including me. Like, for 20 minutes, I was just pushing him off me. I wanted to be like, "Dude, people can SEE you right now. Stop!". Whatever, it's what dogs do, but geeeez. There have also been several instances where I completely wipe out in the yard, because I am running around like a fool, kicking a soccer ball, when all of a sudden I step in a hole and I'm down. That would be embarrassing enough if I were alone, but in front of a drive thru line full of people? No thanks. I also have a special knack for going to kick the soccer ball, completely missing, then just spinning/tripping instead. I never did make the soccer team! Last night I went to kick the soccer ball and it went flying over the fence pretty much into the drive thru line. The dog was totally like, youuuu asshole, I can't get that!. But then a kindly lady left her car and went and got the ball for me, and the dog was happy again.

And that was my night last night! Love. Where exactly did September go? Seriously. Oy.


Erin said...

Those dogs are adorable! Do you work at a shelter?

Meg said...

i wish i worked at a shelter! as of right now, I just volunteer. and I'm there...all the time,so it's almost like I work there.

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