Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On the appeal of living in a video game...

As I was walking down the street to work today, the most random thought just popped into my head: wouldn't it be cool to have a Game Genie for life? I mean, that would be so amazing. I was thinking about it, because you know how sometimes men just stare, and you want to be like: what????? what are you looking at???, and I just thought, if only I could randomly turn invisible for moments like these. This obviously led to the Game Genie thought. How great was game genie?? And how wicked would it be to be able to randomly apply these codes to life? I had the Super Nintendo Game Genie, and I used it pretty much exclusively for Super Mario World. And really, so many of those cheats could help in day to day situations:

Super high jump:
I mean, this would just be cool for a variety of reasons really! You could jump up into trees and on top of buildings, and generally just see the world from a completely different perspective. It would *almost* be like flying. If you had to make a super quick getaway, this cheat would be extremely useful, provided you had something high up to land on. Then you could just wave to whoever or whatever down there on the ground, all see ya lata sucka, and then jump off on your way.

Extra lives: I wouldn't necessarily want to apply the "infinite lives" code to my actual life, because the thought of never, ever dying while the people I care about drop away is just something that is not appealing to me. However, I think the extra lives code would be useful, because say there was something you wanted to do, but it was super dangerous, like climbing Mount Everest, or bungee jumping...right now, with my one life, I wouldn't necessarily be apt to try to climb Mount Everest because that is not how I want to perish. But if I had a couple of spare lives? I would totally be up for that, because if I were to a) freeze to death or b) become deprived of oxygen, I could use up one of my extra lives, slid down the mountain, and continue on my way.

Start on whatever level you want: this would be great, provided it was okay to go backwards, as well as forwards. How neat would it be to be able to visit yourself at say, age 50, you could be all, yeah, everything is going well there, then zap yourself back to age 6 when you got your first puppy dog and give him a squeeze, then fly on back to the present, age 26, where you can then be pretty happy about not only where your life is going, but where it has been.

Anything with Yoshi: basically it would just be cool to have a pet dragon. Was Yoshi a dragon? Or a dinosaur? Irregardless, it would be cool to have a pet dragon/dinosaur to ride around on and eat enemies for you, but probably also play fetch if you wanted.

Anyway, this has given me an extreme desire to buy a Super Nintendo, because I so want to play Super Mario Land now. Ahhhh what a great game. Am going immediately to check Ebay.


Lisa said...

Just got your comment about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! I loved the monkey too haha, as soon as it's out on DVD it's mine!

Also, this entire post is genius. I'd kill to have Yoshi, sure would beat walking anywhere. I downloaded Super Mario Land on the wii virtual console ages ago, I now have to go play it for about eight hours...

Neal said...

Yoshi was a dinosaur, and the awesomest dinosaur!!

I still have my SNES and will likely be disposing of it before I move if you want it! :) Comes complete with SuperMarioWorld with two of the three games at the *96 completion :)

Meg said...

oh yoshi, loved by so many.

and Neal, I sure will take your SNES!!! wow, a SNES AND a person to visit in australia. very exciting!! :)

Erin said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I think your idea about Game Genie for everyday life is fabulous. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want their very own Yoshi.

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