Friday, September 4, 2009

Furry Friday

I've waited so many weeks to capture Brooklyn's Pitbull smile. 100 pictures later, I finally did it. What. a. face.

Marty. This dog went insane and clawed my face when I was trying to get him out of the kennel, but he was totally cool outside. I was a little bitter about the face scratching, but he won me over quickly with his superior soccer skills!

Does this dog not look like a muppet? SO CUTE. Especially that second looks like, 'heyyyyyooooo". Total photobomb.

This dog has the most amazing blue eyes. I have never seen eyes on a dog like this before. He looks slightly crazed in the second picture, and he is playing with something that is clearly not a toy, but oh the eyes.

Last week I was talking about all the dogs from B.A.R.K in Louisiana...they ended up adopting out close to 90 of them in two days, which is awesome. The dogs that didn't get adopted went to various shelter around the region, and our shelter got 14. Muppet dog and Blue Eyes are both from Louisiana. The very first dog I took out who I don't have a picture of because he was scared of life was so adorable, but extremely skittish. Bird squawking? Scared him. Moving to quickly? Scared him. Clapping? Scared him. The sound of the door opening? Scared him. You get the idea. You gotta wonder what the hell happened to that dog to make him act like that. Poor puppy. A couple of the other ones from Louisiana were like that as well, not nearly as bad though. The one dog took forever to come up to me, so I was just sitting on the grass waiting for him to come over, which he did eventually, and he let me pet him for a while. Then he would go away, then come back, and repeat. The one time he was wandering back as usual at his normal speed, then all of a sudden broke into a full out run and tackled me. Not aggressively or anything, but it was so random and out of nowhere. Silly dogs. Anyway, I'm thinking most of the Louisiana dogs will be gone by next week because they are just so darn cute! Blue Eyes will be adopted in a flash.

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