Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On Summer

Where the shit shack did my summer go? I'm pretty sure wherever it went it took my sanity and my internet connection with it. This is actually driving me insane, one "no wireless signal detected" message at a time. I don't want you to diagnose the connection problem, I want you to just WORK.

I seriously don't even know what I did this summer, I just know that it is now September. I mean...I was away in May and for a bit of June, but for the majority of the summer, I was right freaking here.


My two favourite summeresque things are:

Okay, so you can get slurpees in the winter, but really, what fun is that? It's cold here in the winter. Last time I got a slurpee, they had a new banana flavour which was delicious. It was reminiscent of penicillin, and whether or not you think that is a good thing probably depends on whether you got to take chewable penicillin pills as a child all the damn time (goooo random heart condition!). Anyways, what I am saying is penicillin is delicious and banana slurpees are effin fantastic.

mmmm corn on the cob. I love corn on the cob way too much, and I'm sad it only happens in August (the good stuff). I'm pretty sure there should be a date written on the calender that says "you can buy corn on the cob now!", or maybe something shorter, like it could just say "cob!". Anyway, COTC season is coming to a close and I am in mourning.

That pretty much sums up my summer! I tried to go through all my pictures to see if I could remember what exactly I did, but all I have are 8000 pictures of dogs, a picture of a pie I baked and pictures from a baseball game that I went too. Take from that what you will. Speaking of that pie...it was pecan, and it was delicious!

I didn't even know I liked pecan pie, but one day I was suddenly craving it. I'm blaming it on Rebecca Wells and her great descriptions of southern life. Anyway,I looked up a recipe and it was pretty much the best pie ever.

I'm done now.

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