Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On Concerts

So my little cousins recently went to go see the Jonas Brothers, OH MY GOD THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!! Cue screaming!!! I know I'm getting old when I look at those boys and I just think, "why?". First concerts are always so amazing. Mine was.

My first concert was...dum dum dum...Hanson. And aren't the Jonas Brothers just like a less good version of Hanson? Seriously now. Anyway, it was me and four of my friends at the concert. We waited in line at Ticketmaster, strategically getting our wristbands to ensure that we got closest to the front. We bought an extra ticket for my cousin so she could drive us there (and I didn't even ask her until later...and the conversation went like this: me- "soooo I hope you are free on this day because you are driving me and my friends to go see Hanson! We bought you a ticket! her-"Oh god. Well, okay I guess.". She was thrilled people, thrilled. My friends and I made a huge sign, like so huge, I'm talking a good twenty feet long, and I believe it said something like, "We love you Hanson" and it had all of our names on it. It was ridiculous, not only because of it's length, but who the shit wants to hold that up during a concert? We needed like an entire row of people to be holding it at all times. It quickly went in the garbage.

Anyway, we were in the very last row before the lawn seats began and holy lord we were excited. We loved Hanson so much. All of our rooms were covered with Hanson pullouts from Big Bop and Bopper or whatever the hell those magazines were called. You know the ones. There was no need for wallpaper, or paint really, because we had Taylor Hanson's face covering ENTIRE walls of our bedrooms.

Anyway, we drove up to the venue and as soon as we all saw it we started shrieking. My cousin was like, "ummm girls, could you not do that while I'm driving?". So we quietly shrieked until we parked. It was madness I tell you, madness. Screaming teenage girls everywhere! As soon as the first song started, me and one of my friends booted it down as close to the stage as we could get. We rocked out to "Where's the Love" in the 100 section before we were chased away by security guards. Back in our seats, my cousin had a look on her face that suggested this would never be happening again. Ever.

We stayed in our seats for the remainder of the concert, screaming like banshees whenever Taylor's face came up on the screen. At one point the mom in front us turned around and was like, "Ummm, can you not scream so loud, you are hurting my daughter's ears!". Being the considerate teenagers that we were, we continued to scream. It was Hanson ya'll.

At one point, a girl passed out from too much excitement or something, and my cousin, who is a nurse had to rush to her aid. It was exciting times, let me tell ya.

Oh our walk back to the car, Hanson came out on their balcony, and started waving to the fans. We were on top of a bridge at the time, and I'm honestly surprised one of us didn't jump off the bridge and swim towards the hotel room. It wouldn't have been shocking. We drove away from the venue blaring Hanson's christmas album, and I swear to God that was one of the best days of my life. I still break out the Hanson album every now and them, because you know, memories. That and their later music is kind of catchy. Seriously.

Ummm how cute were they? Ermm, I mean, how cute were two of them? Mmmmmmbop.


Lauren said...

Jonas Bros are totally a lesser version of Hanson. Their songs aren't NEARLY as catchy as "mmm bop." To be fair, what really is? My first show was Backstreet Boys. Oh yes. I was awesome. :)

PS - thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm totally subscribing to yours now!

Meg said...

haha, nothing is catchier than mmmbop! i was never a huge backstreet boy fan, but I remember one girl in my class was completely convinced she was going to marry one. she was serious. ohhhh boy.

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