Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Look Into My Mind

I spend an awful lot of my time at work walking around, counting various things, stopping in places, dropping stuff off, that kind of thing. Today as I returned from wandering, I started to think how funny it would be if I could see someone else's stream of consciousness as they walked by. If my thoughts are any indication, this could be an entirely hilarious situation. I'm not sure how the thoughts would appear, but a thought bubble with words seems to be the most logical way.

See, if my thoughts during my 30 minute walk today were used as an example, this is what people would see (picture a scrolling thought bubble):

Ahhhh, it is so nice out today! Hmmm why is that car parked that way, god people are so dumb. I hope nobody jumps out of that dumpster and scares me. Oh my lord, bathing the dogs tonight is going to be hilarious! I'm going to get soaked. Good thing it is September and it is so very niiiiicccceee out (sing songy voice). Why would they not make this street two way? Now it is just confusing for people. It smells like vinegar here. Why, why would it smell like that? I wonder how many minutes a day people save by walking against the light? It's just dumb to stand there like a knob when there are clearly no cars coming from either direction. Wow, that is a whole lot of people on the sidewalk. That is SOME shirt lady. Why are they selling elephant ears and funnel cakes at the farmer's market? Is that really necessary? Oh, I totally gave that lady the wrong directions yesterday. Oops! Five minute thought break while I go inside a building to drop some things off. We have the loveliest courtyard at the library, to bad it is always filled with crazies. Like that one guy who talks to himself, constantly and walks towards you like he is going to engage you, then veers off at the last minute. That guy looks like a normal size oompa loompa. I would totally sit in this courtyard all the time, if I wasn't worried about getting stabbed. Ohhh man, remember that time S was sitting in the park and the random homeless guy asked her out? Classic. Go into library and pick up movie that was on hold. Hmmm do I want a coffee? Nah. Oh my god, St. Catharines is totally a place where I just look at random people and think, yeah, they could totally beat me up, and they might do so unprovoked. Don't look at her in the eye. HEY! There is the saxophone busker, but he is wearing a suit today and doesn't have his saxophone! So cute. I like how I always think sunglasses make me look incognito, but it's clearly me! Ewwww I hate when people hack in public places. Why, why are you doing that you nasty old man? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit he just spit on the sidewalk too, I am so unbelievably disgusted. Why does he not know how gross that is? Holy crap, it smells like vinegar here too! What is happening? A squirrel! I never see squirrels downtown, that's so random!! Does that guy ever sit anywhere else but this patio? Seriously, what is your job? I cannot wait to watch this movie! ooohhh, they put new planters in!

Then I'm back at the office, thoroughly exhausted from the non stop thinking, and it just occurred to me, that it would be hilarious for someone else to see! Maybe not even hilarious, maybe just interesting, because the thoughts that pop into your head sometimes are just so random. It would be like Facebooks, "what's on your mind" section, but way better, because I hate that stupid section of Facebook.

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