Friday, September 11, 2009

Furry Friday

It has been quite a week, quite a week in my mind. Today, I got heckled by children riding on the short bus. The. short. bus. And my life has come to this. Yesterday we were walking back from lunch and we had to pass this man in a wheelchair with no shirt and no shoes (he had shoes, they just weren't on)...the man said "Hello", and I was the only one that said "hello" back. I don't effin care what he looks like, he's being perfectly polite and nobody needs to look at him like he is a leper. Just say hello. Anyways, it's been one of those weeks where everything annoys me, and life in general is just blah. The bright spot, as always, were my furry friends, because they never heckle me (they do occasionally bite though), and they don't judge. Ever. They love everybody.
Anyways. Happy times.


Elly is a jack russel terrier/beagle. Scruffy with a capital S. She could jump ridiculously high. At one point I was doing that side to side movement, then pretending I was going to chase her like I always do with the dogs. She then ran straight towards me, jumped, and literally launched herself off my chest. I am not a short person. I tried to get her to do it again so I could try and catch her like they always do in the Superdogs show, but she wasn't having it.

Duke. No dog at the shelter has ever cracked me up quite as much as Duke. He is hilarious looking. He has wonky eyes and the longest tongue, and is just so peculiar looking that he's cute. I literally just look at him and crack up. He's also a huge spazz that constantly runs into things and is just generally awkward. Much like myself. He is the real life version of Marmaduke.

This dog. This dog with no name. He made me soooo proud last night. Remember the dog last week that was scared of life? This is him, and I am happy to report he is doing so much better. He was much more well adjusted, and he came and sat with me on numerous occasions. He still had moments of fear, like when the dog in the next pen kept barking at him, and you could tell his face was just like, ummmm what exactly is it you want?? Anyway, it was good to see that he is doing so well.

Beautiful blue eyed dog got adopted, as did several others, and that makes me happy.


Lan Nguyen said...

Oh I'm so glad the last dog got adopted! He's so precious as are all the other dogs. :)

Meg said...

yes, I always am incredibly excited when I learn that one of them has gotten adopted!!

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