Friday, September 25, 2009

Furry Friday

Isn't Beau handsome? I love older dogs, but they also make me extremely sad sometimes because it often takes a while for them to get adopted. I know Beau came from a family that loved him a lot though, because they left a two page essay with pictures for whoever adopts him. That's so sad, because you know that this was probably a family that didn't want to give up their dog that they obviously loved, but had to for whatever reasons. Anyway, I am happy (so very very very happy) to report that Beau has already found a new family! I just wanted to post his picture because he's so handsome.

Duke. I love this dog. He's the biggest goof, and he cracks me right up. He runs around the yard, going completely insane, and I'll call out "Duke, sit!", and he'll stop and sit all pretty like this. It's hilarious. He's so gangly and deer like, and is always tripping over himself. Whoever ends up adopting this dog is going to have an endless source of amusement.

We have two runs side by side, and they are separated by a fence. Sometimes if you get two of the right dogs out there, they'll run up and down and play with each other. Which is so great to watch. I mean, sometimes they try to kill each other through the fence, so the playing is obviously much more preferable. I *wish* we were allowed the let the dogs play together, because some of them would love it so much, but it's just not safe. They are not even supposed to touch nose to nose. But it makes me so happy when they play like this.

Sam is a super soccer player. I could not make out what breed he was, shepherd cross of some kind...? He's adorable though.

Ahhh Carleigh, this dog is so sweet. She's from Louisiana, and is terrified of men, which makes me angry because you just know that somewhere along the line, some man did something horrible to make her have that fear. But she's perfectly fine around women, and is so adorable. She is extremely well trained, and I found out last night that she can roll over, which is like my favourite dog trick ever. I find it so cute. I randomly said it to see what commands she knew (sit, stay, lay down, shake a paw and roll over). The right family needs to get this dog.

There are so many dogs at the shelter right now, and I'm not too sure why. We got a lot of dogs from Louisiana (14 of them), but many of them have been adopted. The kennels were almost full last night (there are 20+) kennels, and the stray kennels were also full last time I went in. It takes an extremely long time to get all those dogs out and loved, so it's great that the shelter has such a dedicated group of volunteers. I can see that my fellow volunteers love those dogs as much as I do, and I'm grateful for that.


lifelove'n'wine said...

I teared up thinking about Beau's family having to give him up. I can't imagine having to make that would be so hard.

This all makes me want to adopt another dog!

Meg said...

i know...the stories I hear sometimes absolutely break my heart. ack.

i'm pretty sure when i'm older i'm going to be a crazy old lady with approx. 12 dogs.

Nyx said...

Sam looks like he might be mixed with australian cattle dog...maybe? That's what the ears remind me of. :-p

i work in a petstore, and it's so sad to see how many dogs come in that have been abused. we always get so many people asking us if we sell dogs or cats, and we always explain that we don't sell them because we want people to go to shelters and rescues and adopt.

usually they do - we tell them to go to (awesome resource) and see if they can find someone on there they'd like to take home :)

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