Thursday, September 10, 2009

On Bucket Lists

I was feeling very Bitter with a capital B this morning, for a variety of reasons really, one being that people in this city drive so very horribly, but anyway when I got to work there was a funny email from a funny friend, and just like that the bitterness dissipated.

These last two days I've discovered that two things invariably cheer me up all the time: listening to old school Hanson and talking to funny people. Firstly, can anyone really remain bitter while listening to "Where's the Love"? I think not. Secondly, I'm mostly referring to people that I know, but as I am finding more and more, random encounters with often crazy people can go a long way in boosting ones mood. To an extent, I mean, there is a line of crazy that can be crossed and if you cross it, I really don't want to talk to you.

Where the hell am I going with this?

Right. It is time to start shifting my priorities again...getting off my ass, and gettin er done. I often go to my bucket list, or "life goal list", when I feel I need a swift kick to get me moving again. Some of my goals are ridiculously lofty, and some of them are just ridiculous. However, every time I get to cross one off the list, I get way too excited about life.

So here I present to you my bucket list...with some edits. I made up some of these things when I was like 12, and really have no desire to do them anymore. It should be noted that these are in no particular order, I just add things randomly when I think of them.

1) Swim with the dolphins I still really want to do this, but I have misgivings, because I really do not want to support a lot of the facilities that offer swimming with the dolphins. I don't want to swim with captive dolphins, I want to swim with free dolphins. I want to swim with dolphins that want to swim with me. Dolphins choice. If the dolphin wants to swim off to dive with his friends in the ocean, I don't want to hinder that desire. I'm thinking this one will never get crossed off.

2) Live in New York City I have big love for New York City, and I really want to live there one day. Not long enough that I'll end up hating it, but long enough that I can really get in there.

3) Write a book. This will happen. I don't know when, but I friggin know it will.

4) Backpack Across Europe This one is a little redundant now, because I've been to Europe three times, and none of those trips involved carrying a backpack. I've concluded that perhaps I'm just not the backpacking type.

5) Make one of those English guard guys laugh This one is going to drive me insane until the day I die. Those guys crack for nothing! One time in Ottawa, my friend S and I were doing everything but stripping for one of them, and we got NOTHING. We took pictures with him, we danced, we told loud jokes two inches from his face. I can tell you one thing, I would SUCK at that job.

6) Milk a cow Why can't I find a place around here where I can just go randomly milk a cow? Seriously. This one should be so easy to cross off.

7) Ride in a hot air balloon

8) Go ziplining in Costa Rica

9) Have my own library with a moving ladder I'm thinking the Beast's library in Beauty and the Beast is totally what I need to have.

10) Own all the Sweet Valley Twin books And I am thisclose I tell ya.

11) Go to Thailand

12) Go to Australia

13) Travel around Canada

14) Go to Graceland I went to Graceland a couple of years ago and it was amazing in all it's tacky, tacky glory.

15) Be a travel writer

16) Volunteer at the humane societyI've taken crossing off this goal to a whole new level.

17) Go Sky Diving

18) Stay overnight in a castle

19) Go horseback riding on a beach Although I have had recent experience that tells me this may not be such a great idea.

20) Help build a house

21) Go to Argentina Really, I could just sum all this up in one goal: go to every country in the world. Minus some in the Middle East because I am a huge chicken.

22) Write a book about the history of St. Catharines I ummm, really have no desire to do this anymore. At all.

23) Go in one of those giant plastic balls from the Amazing RaceDoes anybody else on the planet know what I'm talking about?

24) Write for the Standard Done and done.

25) Be in New York in Strawberry Fields on Dec 8th. This could potentially happen this year and I am SO excited.

26) Ride a camel

27) Hold a monkey

28) Go on an African Safari

29) Have a photo published

30) See Idina Menzel in a broadway place Gah, how I love Idina Menzel.

31) Learn to play the guitar My serious lack of an attention span and my tiny tiny hands tell me this is never gonna happen.

32) Go to Baja to see the grey whales migrate

33) Learn another language Thanks for nothing French classes grades one through 11!

34) Fly a plane No, nooo 12 year old Megan, why would you write this?

35) Swim across a lake Again little Megan, why???

36) Learn to juggle

37) See Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba

38) Have a ball room in my house I said it when I was 12, and I'll say it again now, this would be amazing. I'm not talking let's do a waltz, I'm talking giant room filled with those multicoloured balls that you can jump in. I want to have an entire room filled and be able to run down a long hall and take a running leap into some plastic balls. Like at McDonalds, but minus the...McDonalds.

39) Visit Auschwitz And the memory of the horribleness will last a lifetime.

40) Do the polar bear swim No one will agree to do this with me!!

41) Go to Mardi Gras

42) Be in NYC for New Years

43) Ride on a motorcycle

44) Be in a parade

45) Work at a bookstore

46) Learn to spin a pen in my hand
Hey, they can't all be big dreams! Also...I hated in high school when people around me would spin their pens, and I just couldn't feckin do it.

47) Do the trapeze

48) Watch the Silence of the Lambs
I am a huge chicken, and I want to watch this so badly, but I"m scurrrred.

49) Be at the Olympic Games

50) See the Northern Lights

51) Try Surfing

Anyways! These are just some of them, as in less than half. Some are ridiculous and some are just cheesy and for the sake of not having the longest blog post known to man, I didn't put them all here. But seriously...I need to get going on these, and pronto.


Emily said...

Oh, the life goals list! We have some very similar things on our list - I have ALWAYS wanted the library from Beauty and the Beast! From the moment I saw it I could imagine myself zipping around the room on the ladder, singing songs about my books (which, oddly, I do on a fairly regular basis), having a huge, fluffy chair in the corner to read them and a butler bringing me hot drinks (I guess I figured if you have a library like that, you obviously have enough money for a butler) ... awwww, heaven!

sp said...

what zipping in Turkey Point didn't make it? I just read a piece about swimming with the polar bears in Cocrane On. There is a thick piece of bullet proof glass between you and them(good thing)because who in their right mind would want to be withing paws reach of one!

Meg said...

that list was by no means exclusive. swimming with polar bears would be pretty cool, depending on the facility!

and Emily, yes a butler would be perfect. preferably a english butler who sings.

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