Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My poor little neglected blog...I haven't posted in a while! At least it feels like it's been quite some time.

The month of September has been a leeeetle insane. Like, stuff going on every night insane. Which, on the one hand, I don't mind, because it's usually all fun stuff, but on the other hand, some nights I would rather just sit home and watch My So Called Life.

These are the things that have been taking over my life:

I'm helping organize this, and who knew organizing such an event would be so time consuming? I like doing it, I like organizing, and lord knows I love my shelter friends, but it is very time consuming. I think it's going to end up being great though! So much fun.

It makes me really sad that hardly anyone knows who Regina Spektor is. She's so good! I love her voice, I love her songs. I went to see her show last week. I seriously asked so many people to come to this concert with me, and they were all like "who???". I dragged my friend S with me, and I'm pretty sure she is a R.S. fan now! I was really not crazy about the venue (The Sound Academy), but the concert itself was good.

Ziplining! I came across this new Eco Adventure place that is about an hour and a half away from St.'s in Turkey Point area. So I basically signed myself and my parents up for a ziplining tour, and also convinced my aunt to go with us. My aunt was looking rather ill beforehand, but it ended up being so entirely fun! Even my mother who is afraid of heights enjoyed herself. She only had one moment, okay two, moments of sheer terror, one being when we were on the tallest platform in the forest, which wasn't very wide, and there was 8 of us of huddled on it. She was actually hugging the tree for dear life. There was also a point at the end of the tour where you have to rappel down from the platform, which was very cool, but a little frightening to start off. The first thing you have to do is step off the platform and swing your right foot around so you can steady yourself, then you can begin lowering yourself to the ground. I tell ya, that initial step off the platform almost made me shriek in terror. It's all good once you are actually rappelling, but that first bit...gah.

Last night we went to a Blue Jays game, which even though they lose all the time, is still fun. Except last night they friggin won! But we didn't get to see it because we left early to catch the train. We thought all hope was lost, but when I got home I found out they had actually managed to pull out the win. In extra innings too! As if! Baseball is pretty much the only sport I enjoy watching. This could be because I actually know what is going on.

And coming up this weekend in St. Kitties, is an event my friends and I hold very dear to our hearts. GRAPE AND WINE. Regardless of what the organizers of this event want you to think, this entire thing is a big drunk fest. It's like St. Catharines version of Oktoberfest. Let's call a spade a spade here...Grape and Wine is usually a shit show for everybody involved, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It is SO FUN. You start drinking at the parade at approx. 11am, then you continue doing so for the rest of the day. The whole day is spent drinking and dancing, and really, there's not much better than that!! Also, you can wear ridiculous necklaces and tams, and nobody says anything because it's Grape and Wine time ya'll! Bring on the steel drum bands. Grape and Wine could totally be St. Catharines' biggest tourist attraction if they just marketed it for what it actually is-an excuse to get drunk and dance and have a ton of fun. For serious. Also, the mascot for this event is a giant grape, and his name is MR. GRAPE. 3 points for originality! My Grape and Wine goal this year will be to get a picture of myself with Mr. Grape.

Needless to say, September has been quite the busy month, and it is flying right on by. I'm having a great time though!

The weather has been perfect and the other day I saw a hummingbird. It hovered one foot in front of my face for like 30 seconds. That moment has been making me happy for a week now. Over'n'out.

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