Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On Why I'm A Huge Nerd

I love mail, I mean good old fashioned hand written mail. I love getting the slightly beat up envelopes, all smudged and slightly torn, and knowing that its been on a journey. I love looking at stamps from other countries. I love sending mail...call me old fashioned, but does anybody actually send mail anymore? I mean, I know it is so much easier to email these days, but getting actual mail is substantially more exciting then getting a new email. Written correspondence is a dying medium, but I'm doing my best to keep it alive. I mean, while I practically keep amazon.com up and running with the amount I buy from them, and it is exciting when my shiny new books arrive, it's nothing like getting a letter from someone you miss.

I was in the post office the other day (oh my gawd the employees know me I'm in there so much), and I was browsing around the new stamps (nerd alert!). I don't collect stamps or anything, but I do enjoy them, and the odd time there is a booklet that just jumps out at me. One time I saw a book commemorating Canadian recording artists, and one of the stamps had Anne Murray on it, and I was like, I GOTTA HAVE THAT!, but when I asked the lady, she's was all, sorry, they are sold out, so I didn't get them. Apparently other people in St. Catharines were equally as excited that Anne Murray got the recognition she deserves by being immortalized on a stamp. Put a little love in your heart! BUT THEN, on Christmas morning I found them in my stocking. Best stocking stuffer ever! Anyway, so I'm in the post office and I see this booklet of stamps entitled "Canadian Roadside Attractions". Immediately I knew I had to have this, because a) i love roadside attractions and b) I always need more things to add to my must see list. The post office had those in stock and I got some and I gotta say it was a great purchase. I mean, I didn't even know some of these things existed:

How great is this? It started off with one sign that a homesick solider left which indicated how far it was to his hometown and now there are over 65000 signs. It's just cool, and I'm pretty sure I'll need to go here one day.

A giant egg? Why? Why not? Let's think of the most random object possible and then make it giant! Well I gotta say, that idea worked brilliantly, because I must see this egg. Roadside Attraction win!

The Roadside Attraction Stamps I got were the first in an installment of four. And for a person who doesn't collect stamps, I'm pretty damn excited about this. This is only adding fuel to the I wanna drive around Canada fire.

Anyway, the stamps come in a pack of 8, so I get to keep four and use the other 4 on letters. EXCEPT! Nobody writes letters anymore, and I have no one to use them on. I don't want to use them randomly, I want to use them on people that will appreciate their greatness. Someone who will look at them and say, "oh my god, a giant egg! Brilliant!".


sp said...

your the best nerd ever! send me a letter with one of those stamps.

Meg said...

haha, because that wouldn't be a giant waste of a great stamp, sending a letter to a person in my own house. i will however show you the stamps.

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