Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On how playing softball can make you look like a crack addict and my love of magnets

Okay, so, softball last night? We got, well, pummelled might be the best word for it. For our first game, only 6 people showed up, so the other team had to lend us players so that we could play. I mean, they won automatically since half our team failed to mention they wouldn't be showing up, but whatever, they were nice and it was cool. For our second game we had to frantically call friends beforehand and beg them to show up so we wouldn't have to forfeit another game. We were still one player short, but we got to play. Don't you hate when you play in a rec league and all of a sudden you come up against this one team who are complete assholes and play all hardcore like it's the World Series of Baseball?

Most of our team would rather sit around and drink beer than play softball. That's not to say we don't like to play, cause we do, but the beer + social time is what makes it really fun. Anyway, this team last night consisted of mostly giant guys, and about three girls, while our team consisted of two guys, and the rest girls (apparently everybody else was on vacation). Actually, I think we did pretty good all things considered. I really hated this team though...they were just so annoying. They were the kind of people that would yell out random noises before someone went to pitch, and at one point one of the girls on our team got hit with a line drive, and there was lots of blood, so much blood, and this guy on the other team called out, ohhhh, she's hurt, call an ambulance!, and it really made me want to hurt him. The poor girl was clearly in extreme pain, and crying and bleeding, and he's mocking her. Blood actually splattered from her poor hand, and this guy is mocking her. That takes a special kind of asshole. Dude, you are wearing your hat sideways and you are mocking people? . My friend K was like, "when I ran into second base, I totally kicked the guy in the leg!". hahahaha. K is a tiny, tiny person and that makes it even more hilarious. I'm also doing something with the bat so it keeps hitting my inner arm, and now my inner arm is all bruised and swollen. I look like a crack addict.

Anyway, the moral of last nights game was: stay in the outfield cause if the ball hits you there it won't hurt nearly as much, and some people are really bad winners. Never be one of those people.

In other news, I'm in the midst of planning my next big vacation. I love travelling, I love it. I mean, I spend a lot of time daydreaming about where I want to go next and what I want to do while I'm there, and I am constantly looking up the price of flights on expedia. The next trip I take is going to be back to Europe because I love it there. I want to go to Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia, Italy, England, Greece and ummm Iceland. I think the chances of me fitting all this into one trip are slim to nil, but I'm going to do what I can. Oh, and I want to visit a friend in France, and maybe a friend in Prague. I'm hoping to go for about three months, but we'll see how much money I can save.

Anyway, everywhere I go, I always buy a magnet for the fridge. For one thing, I love most things tacky, and tons and tons of magnets on the fridge is super tacky. I think it looks amazing. Also, it is a relatively cheap souvenir to bring back and magnets don't weight much, so I can handle carting a bunch of them around for however long. Unfortunately, I only decided to start doing this a couple of years ago, so I am missing a bunch of places, but the fridge is slowly getting filled up.

People have also started bringing me magnets from the places they go, and this makes me extremely happy. It really doesn't take much. My favourite magnets are the stingray one from the Cayman Islands, because swimming with the stingrays was simultaneously awesome and terrifying. I also enjoy the magnet from the Jello Museum in Leroy, NY, because that was one of the greatest museums I've ever experienced. There was a jello brick road! There were displays about Bill Cosby! Amazing.

Anyway, my goal is to eventually cover the entire fridge. And I do mean entire...like, sides and everything. Lofty goal? Yes. Doable? I think so.

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