Friday, August 21, 2009

Furry Friday

This is Chopper, and he enjoys a good game of fetch. Basically all the dogs wanted to do last night was sit under the picnic table in the shade, which I get, sometimes you just don't want to run. Especially when it's hot and humid out and you have fur. It makes me really happy to see a dog just lying down on the grass, enjoying the odd breeze that comes along.

Dudley. Dudley is a handsome fellow I must say. He posed so nicely too. He was walking with this weird limp so I went to get a staff member so they could check it out, so the guy comes out back with me and Dudley just goes crazy and starts running in circles, and staff could not get anywhere close to him. Then as soon as the guy went back inside, Dudley sprawled out on the grass for a belly rub. Thanks dog, way to make the staff think I'm lying. Anyway, he's cute. Any dog with ears like that immediately wins my heart.

Sabre. I love this dog, she's a total sweetheart. Oddly enough, the reason she was put up for adoption was because she ate the chickens at the farm she lived at. Which I think is kind of hilarious...I mean, it's horrible, but also a little hilarious. In theory. Probably not to watch, or if you were a chicken. However, she's just the loveliest dog. She always comes and sits right next to me, as close as she could possibly get and just hangs out. Funnily enough Zesty, the other love of my dog shelter life, also ate chickens. Weird no?

Brooklyn. She's also lovely, impossible to get a good picture of, but lovely. I have an extreme soft spot for Pitbulls. I feel like they have been saddled with such an unfair image, and that image had created complete fear on the part of the public (most people). I mean, I feel like it is such an undeserved stigma. All the pitbulls I have encountered at the shelter have been lovely, and some of the worst dog to dog aggression I have seen has not involved pitbulls. And the dogs people have gotten bitten by at the shelter? Not pitbulls! Are there pitbulls that bite? Hells yes! But they are also golden retrievers that bite, German Shepherds that bite and Labs that bite.

The Ontario government has got it completely wrong with Bill 132. They are using an entire breed as scapegoats for irresponsible owners. What they should be doing is dealing with tracking down the people who use these animals in dogfights, and train them to be aggressive. It just completely pisses me off. The number of pitbulls that are euthanized because of this law? The number of perfectly friendly, young dogs that are put to sleep just because of how their breed is stereotyped? Heartbreaking. What harm does a newborn pitbull puppy pose to anyone? Seriously? If you are going to look at anything, look at 1) the people who are breeding these dogs, and 2) the people who are adopting them.

I know this topics been done to death, and I can't imagine how it must be to own a pitbull...I would be even more pissed off. I'm looking at this from the outside, and I can see how ludicrous it is.

Thank god for organizations like this: They deserve a lot of support and kudos for the work they do for this breed.

Hopefully one day Ontario will reverse this law, but as of right now, it effin stinks.

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