Thursday, August 20, 2009

On Changes

Okay, remember as a kid when you got your first computer? Or really, it was probably like the family computer and everybody was always like, minesweeper and solitaire rule! The Internet wasn’t really a thing yet, and you became totally obsessed with the Paint program? Just me? Oh how I loved that program. Oh look, I can move the mouse and my words come up. Amazing! Sign me up for a lifetime subscription to that please! I created tons of pictures…crudely drawn trees, houses, dogs…you name it, I drew it in the Paint program.

So what does one do when the Internet suddenly doesn’t work (have you ever wanted to stab a router with a basilisk fang?), such as I’ve been experiencing these last couple of days? I mean, besides realizing that I might have a slight Internet addiction, as my morning routine is just not the same without it? That’s right…play with the Paint program! What do you mean I’m at work? And you know what? The Paint program is just as much fun nowadays as it was back in the 90s. I decided to design approximately 10 horribly ugly new banners for the blog, which I can now rotate forever and ever, or until, you know, I get sick of them. The one I have up now is my favourite because it is hideous and reminds of a dress I used to have that I would wear with neon pink shoelaces tied in my hair. Oh 80s.

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Emily said...

Yes! Paint rules! I was home-schooled for a bit when I was younger, and for a science assignment I had to draw the human body (I know, crazy hard stuff, right?!) and I did it all in Paint! I was pretty damn proud of myself actually; it's ridiculously hard to move the stupid mouse to make the the perfect tiny line ... sadly to say, I don't think that my Mac HAS a Paint program ... boo!

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