Monday, July 6, 2009

What Girl Doesn't Like Fireworks?

I didn't always love fireworks. When I was little, they scared the crap out of me. I hated loud noises in general, and I found that whenever we went to see fireworks anywhere, they would always manage to sneak in those ones that you don't see sailing upwards, but then suddenly explode with a bang that changes the rhythm of your heart. I believe they were known as "cherry bombs" (those bastards!) I would usually watch fireworks displays with my hands covering my ears or I would watch from in the house. Fireworks happened every year sometime around my birthday (which usually falls on or near Victoria Day).

As I got older, I stopped covering my ears, and I ventured outside, and my fondness for fireworks eventually grew into what it is today: big love.

During high school, my birthday celebration continued to include fireworks, and every year my group of friends would gather in the backyard for a little BBQing, and a display of pyrotechnics. The boys were in charge of actually doing the lighting, while us girls sat on the deck far out of harms way. The backyard at the house I grew up in was huge and had ample space for fireworks: it was perfection.

One of the boys would light the firework that was sitting in the bucket filled with sand, then run for his life up to the deck. One year the neighbours a couple of doors down were also having a fireworks display, and very shortly into the night, a fireworks war erupted. We were poor high school students, and fireworks are expensive, so the war didn't last long, at least not on our part. The war did include trash talk though, and it produced such threats/insults such as: "This one is called...your mother!!", "what was that one called...crap?". And the forever funny no matter how much time has passed gem, "oh my god, you just shot me in the leg!!". The grand finale on that particular night included all of us grabbing and lighting as many sparklers as we could (we had run out of fireworks), and jumping up and down in my backyard to create the illusion of big time fireworks. I don't think it worked. It was so fun.

The birthday fireworks are no longer, as the group has dispersed and the house has been sold. The new yearly tradition of watching fireworks now takes place on Canada Day (what better reason for fireworks??). These fireworks are of the professional variety, and quite frankly, a lot more spectacular. Our group usually becomes the cheering squad, yelling things like "nice fire!", and ooohhhhing and ahhhhing our little hearts out. I love fireworks.

This past weekend I was at a party that also included fireworks, but unlike high school (what? we were good kids..), added some alcohol to the mix. Fireworks and alcohol is a really dumb combination. And I feared for my life at several points during this firework display. It was especially amusing/terrifying when the boys were holding the fireworks while setting them off. "It's just a roman candle, don't worry!". Yeah, I"m sure that what's one eyed joe said right before the fireworks display last Canada Day.

This led me to google "firework related injuries", and unshockingly, a whole lot of them happen every year. Mostly to men. Probably mostly to men that have been drinking beer.

Next fireworks holiday: labour day. Cannot wait.

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