Friday, July 31, 2009

Girls, they wanna have fun!

Last night I went to see Cyndi Lauper and Rosie O'Donnell in concert. I was trying to get tickets forever, but they were sold out. Then, randomly, one of my friends ended up having an extra ticket, and all of a sudden I got to go. It was freaking amazing. Cyndi Lauper is epic!! I used to listen to her all the time when I was younger, like that cd was on some serious rotation, but I haven't broken it out in a while. After last night, I am such a huge fan again, and I'm pretty sure I will be going out after work to purchase more Cyndi Lauper cds.

The women is 56(ish) years old and she can move. Please Lord, let me be able to dance like Cyndi Lauper when I'm nearing 60. Actually, please let me be able to dance like Cyndi Lauper now. Anyway, she has a killer voice, killer dance moves, and she's still rocking the corset. Loved every moment of it. At one point Rosie was playing the drums, then Cyndi starts playing this washboard thing, but she was wearing it over her head, vest like, and they sang "Iko, Iko". You know, my grandma and your grandma, sitting by the fire, my grandma said to your grandma, i'm gonna set your flag on fire, talking about hey now, hey now, aka, one of the catchiest songs in existence?

I was dying for a good concert too, so it was perfect timing.

Rosie was pretty funny too. I loved Rosie back in the day, I watched her show every single day after school. I was very excited to see her live...and as much as people seem to continually bash her (for no apparent reason...I mean, does anybody actually like Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Why is she still on television? That girl really needs to shut up and become informed about things before she spews off.) Anyway, Rosie was pretty damn funny.

Going to see a concert at the Fallsview Casino is a little annoying because they ummm, don't let you stand. It's kind of ridiculous. You are sitting there wanting to get up and dance, so you decide, I'm standing up!, and then the security people come and shine a light on you. They seriously have these little flashlights, and they come up to your row and shine it in your face so that everybody in the surrounding area is all, ohhhhhh, she's in trouble. It's silly.

You know it's bad when Cyndi Lauper is all, "why aren't you guys standing and dancing?", and then some random person calls out, "ummm they won't let us stand". And the look on her face is just like, goooood lord. Then she runs down into the audience, grabs a man out of his seat, and jumps up on the chair and starts rocking out. Take that Fallsview Casino management! We will dance if we wanna dance! So we got to dance from that point forward. But the guys with the flashlights? So dumb. I absolutely love feeling like I'm getting called out by the principal in the middle of a crowded theatre for simply wanting to bust a move. Whatever. Here's another stick!

I"m seriously considering dressing like Cyndi for Halloween.

Tomorrow will be Furry Saturday, because I haven't forgotten about my loves at the shelter.

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