Friday, July 10, 2009

Furry Friday

I've decided Furry Friday is going to be a weekly feature on this here blog, because I will use any possible opportunity to go on and on and on about dogs.

This week's photo shoot didn't go so well, as I was slightly distracted. I was doing an orientation with a new walker, and he ended up bringing his young daughter because the babysitter cancelled, so I basically spent most of my evening making sure she wasn't getting mauled by a dog. So, the photos were few and far between. Dogs are hard enough to photograph when one is not distracted. Anyway, yesterday's model was Hunter:

This week was like Beagle week or something...there were so many Beagles. They were all baroooooing at the same time too, and by the time I left at 9 pm, my head was pounding. All the dogs last night were lovely...usually there is one I am not sure of, but they were all so good yesterday.

Last night also involved a training session on Bite Prevention, which is always welcome. Any training that I can get at the shelter involving dogs, I am all over. Any training that includes helping me not get bitten, I am all over X 2. One of the walkers got bit in the face last week, and he was there last night. Ouchy. Don't want that to be me. Last night was a lot about reading dog behaviour, something that is extremely important when dealing with dogs you have no known history about.

Tips from last night on tail wagging, which I have generalized completely:
-Low wagging tail-submissive, dog is probably not going to bite
-Tail flicking back and forth quickly-yeah, the dog might bite cha
-Tail wagging high, back and forth-cocky dog, dominant dog, you might get bitten
-Tail wagging in a circular motion-dog is likely safe

That was the kind of thing we went over, and as simple as it sounds, it is so important to know stuff like this, both for the safety of the dog and the human. We were working specifically with the stray dogs, also known as "last chance dogs". I"m going to try working in there for a while, but I don't know if my heart will be able to take it.

Anyway, I'll try for some better pictures next week...hopefully it won't be so hectic.

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