Friday, July 17, 2009

Furry Friday

Last night's models were:
-the cutest Beagle you will ever see in your life
-and Angel, the German Shepherd cross who is a absolute dollface.

Next week I will have better pictures, as last night was a little busy.

The cutest Beagle you will ever see in your life (TCBYWESIYL) is a lovely dog, and I hope she gets adopted soon. Beagles just have that look about them that make them look sad allll the time. I don't know that dogs can actually feel "sad" though, so it's probably just the perception of the human.

Last night I was standing in the kennel when a girl walked in to look at the dogs, and as soon as she saw TCBYWEVIYL, so started to bawl. Which is awkward, I mean, I was RIGHT next to her. Do I pat her on the back? Give her a hug and tell her she doesn't need to be sad for these dogs, because they get a lot of love? I went with saying, "you okay?", to which she replied "it's just hard for me to see them in here". I get that, I do, but really...better in the shelter being fed and sheltered and loved, then say, out in the street as a stray, or being in a situation that is abusive or neglectful. I just don't find it sad. Yes, oftentimes the situation that the dog came from is sad, but it's not anymore. Being a shelter dog is not an ideal life for them I'll give you that, but it is a step above many other situations. There are a lot of great volunteers that work with the dogs at the shelter, and those dogs are loved, they are absolutely loved.

I'm sure there are some shelters that are way worse, and have many more dogs that don't get nearly enough attention, but from where I'm standing, most of the dogs in our local shelter have it pretty good. I'll admit it irritates me a bit when people think that the dogs lead this dreadful life in there. They don't know half of it. Some of the stories I've heard break my heart, but the shelter itself, specifically the adoption room in the shelter is more about hope than me at least. When I'm there, I"m doing everything I possibly can to make the lives of these dogs better, so DO NOT come in there and cry to me about how awful the dogs have it. Just don't. I get that it is an emotional situation, I do, but please.

A note on Lucy the elephant, and why I LOVE Bob Barker:

Lucy is a female Asian elephant living alone in a small enclosure in the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Zoocheck has been working with Bob Barker to try to get Lucy moved to a sanctuary in the USA. Lucy suffers from arthritis and has had chronic foot infections, the leading cause of death in zoo elephants. On top of all of that, Lucy is alone, which is akin to torture for a highly social animal.

In addition to the letters that have been sent to council, a petition has been set up to ask the Edmonton City Council to move Lucy to a sanctuary.
Please take a moment and sign the petition and send it to everyone on your
list. Lucy will appreciate your support.

Thanks for your continued support of the campaign to get Lucy moved to a

That's it for today! I'm leaving for the cottage in t minus 6 hours, and I cannot wait.


sp said...

i signed the free lucy petiton, poor old gal.

Meg said...

Lucy thanks you!! :)

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