Saturday, July 4, 2009

Furry Friends of the Week

When dogs come into the shelters in pairs, they like to adopt them back out in pairs. I mean, they will adopt them out separately, but it is always so much nicer when animals that are bonded can go to the same home again. It's weird, usually with dogs in pairs, there is always kind of one that I like better than the that I would so love to take home, and one that I wouldn't necessarily take home, but would just so they can still be friends. These two dogs however, I loved them both. Scruffy dogs get me every. damn. time. These dogs were so good and lovely. Scruffy as hell, and in need of a good bath, but so lovely. It stresses me out, a little too much I must say, that there is a possibility of these two dogs going to different homes. Gah! They get along so well, and have been clearly together since they were born.

Sometime when I get to the shelter, I am afraid to ask what actually happened to some of the dogs that I loved, because sometimes I don't want to hear it. I have a feeling these guys will be gone by next week, and I can only hope that wherever their new home is, it includes both of them. Realistically, I probably care more about them staying together then the dogs do, I do have a horrible habit of anthropomorphising animals. But I just can't get over the whole, "but look at them, they are friends!" mentality.

Anyway...visit shelters before pet stores and breeders!! :)

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