Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yup, I like pondering things.

Recently, I have had the pleasure of being able to walk to work everyday. Who knew such a simple thing could be so very enjoyable? It starts my day out in such a lovely way. I mean, instead of getting in my car, and getting annoyed at other people's inability to drive well, I can simply put on my Ipod, and lalala all the way to work.

This daily jaunt makes me happy for several reasons:

1) The crossing guard lady I pass on the corner everyday. She is so friendly, and she just makes me happy. I have started not putting my Ipod on until I have passed her, so that I can say a daily "hello, how are you?" Friendly people are lovely, and seen as there are so few of them around these days, I appreciate the friendliness immensely.

2) I get to be in the sun. A large portion of my day is still spent in front of a computer screen, or hunched over a desk, so the walk to work, soaking in the vitamin D, is quite nice. Even when it was cold and snowy, that little bit of fresh air everyday, did wonders to clear the head.

3) The same people are always walking. It's not like I know these people, or likely that I ever will know them, but there is some amount of comfort in seeing them everyday. They create a kind of balance. "Ahhh guy in sunglasses with skinny jeans...there you are". I never necessarily say "hi" to them, nor do they to me, but there is a kind of connection in a, "isn't walking great?" kinda way.

4) I notice things. Some things I"m glad I'm noticing, some things I'm not, but nevertheless, it's lovely to just be aware of what is in this world. Whether it's, "oh, that tree got trimmed", or "the construction on the gazebo is almost done", I like that I have the time to notice and take it all in.

Walking around in my community every day makes me feel more a part of it, and something I have come to realize lately is just how important a sense of community is to feeling like you belong somewhere. The more and more I become a part of that community, the more and more I realize just how lovely it actually is.

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