Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photo Shoot with the Girls

When I started volunteering at the humane society, everyone said, "careful, you are going to want to take them all home". Clearly, I had considered this before I started, and decided that if I ended up with 7 dogs, then so be it. Now that I have been there for several months, I find that it's not true. I don't want to take them all home. I love them all, and want them to be adopted into loving families...but, well, I get along better with some then with others.

There have been very few dogs I have seriously considered taking home with me. Usually someone else adopts them first, and I don't have to worry about it anymore. But there are two there now that I adore. It breaks my heart every time I go in back to the adoption area, and see them still in their cage.

Frankie and Shorty are eight years old, sisters, and they are best buddies. They live at the Lincoln County Humane Society. They do everything together, and they totally have each others backs. They don't like other dogs...but that is because whoever it was that had them before trained them not too. They would be great guard dogs. Oh, and they are rottweiler/german shepherds. They spend all day chilling with each other, and they want to be adopted to the same home. Two for the price of one. It makes me sad that they are still there every week, but it also gives me hope, that the right person is just out there waiting. Whoever is going to bring these girls into their home needs a big heart. And a big home. Let's face it, these dogs are huge, and they sound a little ferocious when they bark. But they are lovely girls, who are so loving, and just want a place to hang their leashes. It's been my experience several times when I take them out for walks, that people say "whooooa, you are brave, they are huge!" I always, always reply, "but they are so nice. They are great dogs!" I implore them to look beyond the fact that they are huge dogs, and happen to be a breed that many people have put in a "too scary to have" category.

It's like pitbulls. All pitbulls aren't bad dogs, in fact, the pitbulls I have met at the shelter have been some of the sweetest dogs ever. They just have this stigma attached to them now, that makes most people stay far far away. Let's face it people.....pitbulls, rottweilers, etc, etc aren't born bad, horrible, mean dogs. It's the owners that are the problem, not the dogs. Plain and simple. You can't ostracize an entire breed of dog, and tell people they aren't allowed to own them. Doesn't that seem backwards? Shouldn't it just be that certain PEOPLE shouldn't be allowed to have dogs? Good lord, sometimes people let misguided opinions and fear go way way too far. You can't group one whole breed of dog together and say they are all bad, just like you can't group together whole countries and races of people. Pitbill and rottweiler puppies come into this world just like every other puppy, wanting to find a nice home and a nice family to belong to. Next thing you know, they have some crazy asshole for an owner, who is training them to attack other dogs to the death. Then they have to get muzzled everywhere they go, and are being banned from provinces. All they wanted was a nice squeaky toy, occasional belly rubs, and a bed to sleep in, and instead...this.

Anyway, back to Frankie and Shorty, the loves of my humane society life. My whole point is, don't judge a book by it's cover. Don't judge a shelter dog by it's previous owner. You know. Just look at these faces:

Shorty's all winking like, "yup, I'm as cool as she says!" . These lovely ladies are my buds, and I would love for them to find a nice place to call home. I would take them in a heartbeat, but my apartment is no place for two dogs like that. My parents, everyone else in my family, and most of the other people I have mentioned it to have said "umm, no way". Which, I can understand, because they are huge, and there are two of them. But they are sticking together like sisters oughta do, and I am confident that one of these days, someone is going to take a look at my girls, and say, "Frankie, Shorty...where have you been all my life??"

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