Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm an Old Lady

So, it is 10 to 10 on Tuesday night. I am tired. I have been up since early this morning, and haven't been sleeping too well because my upstairs neighbour has decided that 12:30 am is a good time to construct a bookshelf (or whatever the heck she is doing up there with a hammer). Despite all this, it strikes as odd and a little bit worrisome that I am so extremely tired. When did I become an old lady? I told myself I"m going to attempt to stay up and watch Boston Legal, which is on till 11. 11 is not late. Yet the thought of not being in bed before 11 is leaving a little bit apprehensive. I really am a old lady.

I've been noticing many things lately that have indicated that I better take drastic measures, or I'll be screwed by the time I"m actually 80.

First off, I have such a nighttime routine for myself, I'm shocked it doesn't include taking out and cleaning my dentures. It is a routine that ends in reading for a half an hour at least. Don't read? Can't sleep. Oy.

I've also been noticing an influx of grey hair lately. That is scary, and I become completely panicked every time I see one. I rip it out of my head, not caring how many other hairs come out with it. Is this normal when you are 24? It could be stress related, but even then, I don't think I'm stressed enough that my hair should be turning white mid strand.

Maybe my hair is just reacting how it sees fit. "Clearly, we are on the head of a 80 year old...why else is she yawning at 9:30 at night? She also makes a noise like "argggg" when she stands up sometimes "ohh my back, my knee". We should be turning white right about now"

Also, at work the other day, my boss said, "I have officially joined the old farts club, I now take my garbage out the night before garbage day". If taking out your garbage on the night before garbage day means an instant pass into the old farts club, I apparently joined a long, long time ago. Is taking out the garbage early something only old people do, and I haven't even noticed?

The thing that worries me the most out of all this is the grey hair. Really...it's just not right.

Alright, I've made it until 10 o'clock....one more hour, and I'll be snooooozing away. Provided the upstairs neighbour doesn't continue with her Bob Villa ways.

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