Sunday, April 13, 2008

Morning...Well, afternoon ponderings

I was thinking this morning about irrational fears. Those completely redonkulous things that happen that make you want to all of a sudden scream at the top of your lungs and run away? I don't know about other people, but this happens to me more often then I'd like.

Like the other day. I went to take out the garbage. We live in an apartment building, so there is a communal garbage area. It is contained to several covered garbage bins in a fenced in area. Back I go, garbage in hand. I open the door, lift up the lid to throw in my garbage, and there is a giant rat. It was one of those moments where I wanted to run like a mofo, screaming at the top of my lungs, but at the same time, the logical part of my brain was going "ummm it's a garbage area, and it's a rat. These two things go together. The rat is not hurting you in anyway, nor is the rat even trying to scare you. He/she is just trying to eat." Still, an urgent need to scream. I managed to hold the scream in, and compromised by just chucking the garbage and running like a mofo. The whole thing was silly, but that's just my point. Some fears are so completely irrational, and I can acknowledge this, yet that doesn't stop them from being scary.

Which leads me to another fear. Kathy Bates.

I'm sure Kathy Bates is a lovely lady, and my fear of her is clearly a testament to her calibre as an actress, but holy lord, if I ever ran into Kathy Bates on the street somewhere, there is no doubt in my mind, that I would take one look at her, and run screaming in the opposite direction. Something about the movie Misery, will haunt me for the rest of my life. I'm sure the fact that my mother suggested it as a scary movie idea, when me and my best friend were like...11, did not help matters. And I sure haven't watched it again since then. Now, anytime I see Kathy Bates in anything, regardless if she is playing the nicest, little old lady you ever did see, I picture the scene above, and it is all shot to hell. Congrats Kathy Bates, on what might possibly be the best acting job ever.

Other irrational fears include: random objects falling on my head from far up above me, being pecked in the eye by a bird, and sneezing when I'm all alone in the house and hearing someone say "Bless you" (I don't know where this one came from, but I thought of it one day several years ago in a "wouldn't that be scary" kind of way, and now, every time I sneeze when I'm alone, I have to listen intently to hear if anyone says anything before I can continue with my life).

I realize all this makes me a little crazy. And I've come to terms with that.

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