Monday, April 21, 2008

A Lovely Way to Start the Morning

I can already tell today is going to be a good know how you just get that feeling sometimes? Not that I expect anything spectacular to happen, but it's sunny out, I've gotten some good news, and decisions are becoming clearer. And that all makes for a great day.

I found out this morning by my routine checking of the humane society website, that Ms. Frankie and Ms. Shorty got adopted! Together! So to whoever that person is who is opening up their home and heart, thank you! You have two lovely dogs to chill with now. Love them, and take them for long walks together! I will miss them, and it kind of make me sad that I won't be seeing them again, but I've got to suck it up, because this is so very exciting for them. And it's what I have been wishing for. And any sadness is eclipsed by my extreme happiness that they have found a new home. Good luck sistas.

Also, I've come to the conclusion that this big "decision" wasn't really ever a decision. I had basically made up my mind as soon as I got that email. I thought that it should be this issue I should be brooding over, wondering what it is I should do, when really, I already knew what I was going to do. Goodbye money, hello writing room. Well...for now, the writing room is basically a table in the cluttered kitchen, but soon, it will be wonderful. Now I just have to politely decline my old co-workers offer, endure her looking at me as though I am crazed, and that will be that! Yay for making decisions that weren't really decisions to begin with! I have a terrible habit of creating stress for myself, when there is really no stress necessary.

And oh the weather, the weather. Not much is nicer than a nice sunny day. This summer, I am never ever going to say, "ohhh, it's soooo hooottttt", because I will remember this winter, and that will shut me up.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. It has started off pretty damn great.

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