Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things to Get Excited About...

Family Day is tomorrow! Yay random holidays!! Unfortunately, I will not be seeing any of my family on this day, because they are all basking in the Southern Sun somewhere, but I will think of them all fondly, and well, a little bit bitterly, because I am as pasty as a damn ghost.

The return of:

I love this show a little too much. Tonight they went to Switzerland, and next week they are going to go to Germany. Can't even wait! I love living vicariously through reality tv shows.

And the return of:

Nothing says "Glory, Glory the Lord has risen", like creme filled chocolate eggs. I think if they had these back in JC's time, everybody would have been a lot less horrible. Less crown of thorns, more damn this chocolate is so good, I can't possibly do anything else except eat more of itttt.

Anyhoo, tomorrow I get to sleep in, and this is exciting.

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