Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morning Coffee

Today was a good example of why I have a love/hate relationship with that national icon known as Tim Hortons.

When the cars line up for the drive through, and it goes out onto the road. If the line is that long, WALK IN. I pretty much never use drive throughs anywhere, because I find they encourage complete laziness. Hey, if I want a long john, at least I"m going to walk in there myself and get it. I also find that the drive through line usually takes 10 times longer than just going into the actual store. Unless you are disabled or it's pouring rain, get out of your car. Instead of spending 10 minutes with your car idling in a ridiculously long line, just go in.

The customers. The people that frequent Tim Horton's are usually pretty entertaining, especially at the downtown one. Or, as I discovered this morning, the one on Ontario Street.
Through this entire conversation, I was trying to perfect my "I'm looking into the distance, and I'm not listening to you" face. Don't know how well that worked though, because everytime one of the guys said something "funny" they would look at me for a reaction. I gave them nothing.
Large, tall, white guy, with stretched ear lobes: hey man, one time I fought off 30 prison guards by myself.
His scrawny friend: Oh yeah?
LTWGWSEL: Yeah, and I almost won too. (glances at me). That 30th guard weighed at least 500 pounds.
HSF: Oh.
LTWGWSEL: Yeah, we were in a 6 by 8 cell. They were all pouncing on me trying to get my earrings out (glances at me). And they were all at least 6'4.
His friend has stopped paying attention at this point because his sandwich was ready.

what I was thinking while this conversation was happening: 30 prison guards? Really. One was over 500 pounds? Really? All over 6'4? All thirty of them crowded into a 6 by 8 cell because they did't like your earrings? Reallllly?

The LTWGWSEL then continued to look at me, clearly wanting to involve me in this conversation. I however, was doing a very good job of pretending I wasn't listening so eventually, guy moved on, and I went up to order.

Rude workers. When it was my turn to order, the Tim Hortons worker did not say anything, she just stared at me. At least say "hi" or "what" or SOMETHING. Don't just stare like an effing bitchy zombie. So I go up and said "hi..can I have a large double double". She rang it up, and then walked away to go get it. She came back put the coffee down, then just looked at the cash register, and then looked at me expectantly. So I hand her the money, said "thanks" and left. I really did not want to say thanks, but I forced it out. I could hear her as I was leaving say to the next person "Can I help you?". Maybe she just had it out for me for some unbeknownst reason, or perhaps I was giving off some sort of vibe, but I really don't think I was. I think she was just bitchy and hated her job, and somehow at that moment, it was my fault. I don't like having to feel grateful when people are nice to me. It's like...you know what, if you hate your job that much, quit. Otherwise, while you are there at least attempt to be pleasant. I have worked in fast food, and it was no picnic, but never was I ever downright rude to anybody. Was this girl rude, or am I just overly sensitive before I've had my coffee in the morning? Also...this has happened before at this Tim Hortons at 133 Ontario Street. The first time I didn't think much about it, but I'm starting to think they all went to the same bitch camp.

The coffee. mmmmm coffee.


Jaime said...

I used to work for Tim Hortons. I didn't hate it, but the coffee is atrocious. They bought out our local coffee shops (Bess Eaton) and really, nothing compares to Bess Eaton. I'm not even a big fan of their donuts.

These days, I really only go there to get decaf tea. It's sad.

Meg said...

i would actually much rather prefer starbucks...buuut i'm poor and can't afford that.

and yeah, timmy's coffee isn't really that good. buuut i ran out of time this morning, so i stopped.

and that sucks that they bought out a local business. gah..i hate when that happens...

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