Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ain't nothing wrong with a little Neil Diamond in the morning to get ya going

I have a new alarm clock that docks my ipod, so thus I can choose whatever song I want to wake up to in the morning. It's great in most ways, but it is always making me late. As in, I think I'll just lie here and listen to Sweet Caroline, and then Cracklin Rosie instead of showering. This morning I was running late for that very reason. I was like, "whatever, I'll just shower after the gym tonight". My hair today did not appreciate this decision. My hair *almost* fits in a ponytail, so my hairdo today is part pony tail, and part 18 million bobby pins holding up loose ends. It's attractive. Also, I have been noticing an influx of grey hair..white really, lately, and this morning I thought, "hey, i'll put mascara on it to hide the white".

I recently watched the season two 90210 dvd, and it's the season with Emily Valentine and her crazy roots. Anyway, the dvd extras had an interview with the actress that played Emily Valentine, and I think her name was Christine Elise. Anyway, she was saying how when she first auditioned for the show, she couldn't afford to get her hair done, and that was why she had massive roots. But then suddenly, she could afford it, except that the powers that be liked her hair with the roots. So, in order to make it look like she still had this kick ass 90s hairdo, they painted her blond hair with black mascara to give the illusion that she still had roots.

I thought I would try this, but on only one hair. It worked, except that piece of hair, and it's unfortunate nearby friends then stuck straight outta the side of my head. One more bobby pin fixed that!
I guess it is just one of those days, and that's fine, I'm cool with that. Because really, I couldn't care less what my hair looks like. I'm just pumped for many reasons not having to do with my hair.
1) One of the dogs at the humane society that has been there FOREVER, got adopted yesterday, and this make me want to cry I am so happy. Yay for Echo!!
2) I don't have to work tonight, and I am SO going to the gym.
3) It's almost lunch. Woot!

1 comment:

Jaime said...

1. I seriously love Neil Diamond any time of day.

2. Original 90210 is the shit.

3. Why didn't you post a pic of your fabulous-too-lazy-to-get-out-of-bed-to-take-a-shower hair?!

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