Sunday, February 8, 2009


You know what I hate? That commercial with Sarah McLachlan for the SPCA. The one that shows sad/abused animals, and the most depressing song ever plays in the background? Except, the only thing that makes it heartbreaking is the stupid song, which I guess is the point of the whole thing, cause they want your money, but I hate it all the same. First of all, I'm pretty sure dogs don't feel sad. The whole concept of the commercial is a little too anthropomorphic. I know the commercial is mean to play upon human emotions, but I find it really irritating. Maybe I just have a large dislike for Sarah McLachlan. Besides, I tend to think that dogs in shelters don't feel "sad"...I mean, at least they are at the shelter as opposed to some other place that is actually horrific. I mean, shelters aren't ideal, but they are a whole lot better for dogs then abusive situations, drug dens, or someplace else some dumb ass person has put them.

The commercial is extra annoying because it seems to air 18000 times a day. I wish it would concentrate more on educating people about why these dogs end up in the shelter in the first damn place, and concentrate on fixing that, instead of playing into people's emotions about the dogs that are already there. Oy vey.

The other day at the shelter there was a pitbull whose owners had apparently been arrested. I've gotten a lot better at the not wanting to cry at the shelter, buuut oh my gah. Poor thing was shaking. Shaking. And because he/she is a pitbull and lives in Ontario, things aren't looking too great. When I looked at that dog, I saw a dog that was scared to death. I didn't see what the Ontario government would have us believe is a "Pitbull". It makes me angry.

Ontario government and their dumb ass law + Sarah McLachlan=intense irritation.

I will not turn bitter.

I appreciate what Sarah is doing, and I'm glad that attention is being drawn to the animals, but really, I don't want to start crying every time I flip to the tv guide channel to see what is on. I want people to wise up.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you all the way on this one girl.

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