Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Animals Gone Mad..

Big pet news this week is the chimp in Connecticut that went crazy and bit/tore his owners hands off. His owner had him for 15 years, and he was trained to do such things as sit on the toilet, log onto the computer to look at pictures, flick channels on a television, and drink wine from a long stemmed wine glass. Why? Why??? Chimps are not children. Good lord.

I feel bad for the owner and all, who was 70, and her pet completely turned on her, and she was then forced to try and kill him. Obviously this would be traumatic since this animal was a member of her family for 15 years.

However,it's a really great example of why exotic animals should not be kept for pets. At all. I don't think there is any possible reason anybody could come up with that would convince me it is okay to have animals like chimps and other monkey esque animals as pets. I'm not even down with the ideas of zoos. Especially ones that preach conservation, yet pimp out their animals and make them do ridiculous tricks, and make them live in inhuman conditions (hello marinepark located one town away from me that for some reason people still insist upon going too). The only places I would support that say they are for "conservation" are the ones that don't allow members of the public in, and their main focus really is on the conservation of species and not making money. BUT that is entirely different story, and a rant that could go on for a long time.

What I don't get is why a person would even consider getting a chimp for a pet in the first place? Cripes...they grow to be huge! And are meant to be around other chimps! Not sitting at a computer surfing the internet, and drinking wine out of a long stemmed glass. The fact that this 70 year old lady trained her pet to do these things, does not make her look smart, it makes her look a little bit crazy!

So...governments can ban certain breeds of dog, who really didn't do anything to deserve that ban in the first place, yet random crazy people have chimps and alligators for pets, and there isn't a whole lot the law does to prevent this? And these people somehow shocked when their animal flips out. You never saw it coming? It's a wild feckin animal! Argggg.

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