Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I can feel the excitement about today's election spilling over the border. I'm pretty jazzed, I must say. I don't think I have ever been this interested in an election in Canada. I mean, I'm always interested, but I've never been this...anticipatory.

I hope there is record voter turnout in the US of A today. I was thinking this morning that today is a day that could possibly change history, and hopefully it will be one of those things you can tell your children-"I remember where I was when Barack Obama got elected the President of the United States of America" (here's hoping).

As much as Canadians say that we are tired of hearing about the American election, and try to distance ourselves from all things American...let's face it, it affects us too. It affects the whole world! It's an exciting, exciting thing to see a country filled with such hope. It reminds me of...I don't even know, I have never experienced such excitement about a political candidate before, and it's great to see.

No more W. Hopefully no John McCain (seriously...he looks like he could possibly drop dead at any given moment...I don't think I would want him running my country. Especially considering who is his replacement. SCARY!). I'm so excited to see how America votes.

Barack Obama! (sung ala Saturday Night Live skit by Obama Girl)

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