Friday, November 14, 2008


Someone needs to adopt her, cause my heart cracks a little everytime I go in and she's still there:

She is 10 years old, and her owners left her when they moved out of their house. WHO DOES THAT? good lord. I hate people sometimes. The first time I saw this dog in the kennel, I actually started to cry. She just looked so sad. Then I took her outside, and we had a lovely game of fetch which she played forever. She kept going to get the ball, and then trotting back to me, slightly limping on one side, cause her hip was bugging her, something I imagine happens to all ladies when we reach that age. She wanted to take the ball into the cage with her, and I so badly wanted to let her. So I let her. Then I waited until she was sleeping, and then I snuck in and got the ball back. Can't have her ingesting the ball!

Her name is Daisy on her little form, but I really wasn't feeling that name. She was more of a "Lady" or a "Rosie". En. Daisy just seemed a little too young and fresh for me. She's still a spunky thing though, and oh so friggin nice. Someone please adopt this dog!

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