Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November!

Oh Halloween. Skanky costumes abounded. Slightly amusing and slightly appalling. What else was appalling, was the fact that we waited 1hr and 45 minutes for a taxi to bring us home at the end of the night. It was cold out. We kept calling and calling, but it was busy, and when I finally got through to a guy, and told him where we were, someone else ended up stealing that cab. The four of us were standing on the corner, shivering, when this van drives by, the guy calls out the window, "you guys want a speedy?".We all kind of looked at each other, and were like..."ummm, no thanks". It was little sketchy. Fast forward an hour, the SAME guy in the van drives by, and is like "now do you want a speedy?" Tails between our legs, we got in. Speedy guy mocked us all the way back to my friends house. He's like, "i can understand if I was in a shitty car, but I"m in a nice van!". Dude. Because nothing bad EVER happens in vans. Vans are like the poster car for abductions and rape. In any event, we eventually made it home. And that was Halloween. My costume sucked. I had big visions for it, but it really just sucked. Next year, I vow to be better.

Today, I partook in one of my favourite pastimes ever. Loitering around Chapters while drinking coffee from Starbucks. I could spend hours there. I usually end up buying at least one book too. It's never merely "just browing" process. Today I bought this book,and it's pretty damn good so far. I like her style.

While I was browsing the books, I came across one called "Old Dogs are the Best Dogs". For some reason I felt compelled to look in this book. Now, I will tell you, there are a couple things that ALWAYS make me cry: 1) old people eating alone in restaurants, 2)three legged dogs, 3)any story about a dog. I don't know why. I could be reading a story in the paper about Lucy the helper poodle, who visits people in old age homes, and I will cry. Forget about if I'm reading a "dog saves human" story. So this book had pictures of old dogs, and then a little story about the dog. "So and so is 13 years old, and his family took him in after he was found starving and chained to an outdoor dog house." I read that story and got misty eyed, and yet continued to read. I eventually had to stop myself, because who wants to be the crazy girl in Starbucks, crying while reading a book about dogs she has never and will never meet. I have issues. And clearly a small obsession with dogs. Anyway, I kinda want the book for Christmas, because, while it makes me cry, they are happy tears, because the dogs are old and loved, and very cute with their white scruffy faces. Sigh.

It's weird that it's November already. November has always been a very blah month for me. It seems to drag along,and nothing really happens. The days get darker and colder, and you get no three day weekends.

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