Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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In the wake of this month's rulings banning same-sex marriages in the US, I just want to say something to the internet...

While the government can ban your attempt at marriage to the person you love based on your gender, they can not tell you you aren't allowed to love them. It hurts to not be treated as equals in every respect of your life. The right to marry whom you wish in this country, the Land of the Free, can't be overlooked forever. Because it is a right. Just because the churches and the government ban you from it doesn't mean you don't have that right. Just because they amend the Constitution of the United States, a piece of paper they ignore and edit as they please, does not take away your rights.

What is freedom? It's making your own choices to determine the course of your life. It's having the option, by default of being human, to choose what is best for you barring any infringement on the rights of others to live freely.
Same-sex marriage is NOT an infringement upon anyone else's right to life. It does not hurt anyone but taking away someone's right to marry the love of their life based on their gender or any other quality is hurtful. It's demeaning and it infringes on your right to freedom.

Who does same-sex marriage hurt? Who does it kill or maim? You can't overcome your prejudice or your fear of two men or two women marrying each other and why, because it bothers you? You don't have to like it or accept it for it to be reality. It ALREADY IS reality. If you could ban everything you didn't like, the world would be a small place indeed. I'm not going to give up fighting for anyone to retain their rights as humans.

It's time to grow up. I'm talking to mothers and fathers, to politicians and priests, to everyone in the world. It's time to grow up and not just realize, but understand that you can't control all of life, only what's yours. It isn't up to you to take away someone else's rights - because rights are something you're born with. Not something you're given. Something you're given is called a privilege. It's an allowance. A right is something inherent in everyone. Saying you can take away someone's right to marriage is like saying you're allowed to take away their right to breathe air. You can physically take it away but that doesn't make what you're doing right, no matter who you are. Whether you're a restaurant clerk or the President of the United States, wrong is wrong.


Squish said...

A-friggen-men. That is all.

Jaime said...


Meg said...

i agree. i mean, why do people get so worked up over something that in reality doesn't even affect them? allowing gay marriage isn't going to suddenly erase the idea of straight marriage. really...it should just be "marriage". if people love each other, and want to commit their lives to being together, why should anyone be able to tell them otherwise.
so frustrating.

LivingWicked said...

Done and Done.

Why cant the world just buck up and think like we do already. Eff.

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