Sunday, September 14, 2008

Looking Better?

I've looked at this blog too long now to know if I have actually made any improvements to the way it looks. I think I like it. I like the colours anyhow. And I like the title.

I have been mulling over a more original title in my mind for a while now, and I kept thinking of variations of this one. It just seems to describe me pretty much to a tee, and with only four words. I am entirely girly in some ways, and I love getting dressed up, and I have a closet full of pretty dresses that I attempt to wear on any occasion that I can. I like makeup, I like flowers, I like fluffy puppies, and small cute things. You know....girly. But on the other hand, I'm a huge spaz, I'm constantly crashing into things (sometimes I realize it, sometimes I don't), and there is not a day in my life that my legs don't have at least one bruise on them. Half the time, I have no idea where they came from. I just walk into that many things I guess. My legs are now immune to the pain of everyday trips and falls.

My whole childhood, I was what one would call a bit of a tomboy (where does this term come from? note to self-look up.) I played with the boys down the street all the time, and we spent our days exploring the ravine, running in and out of mud puddles, setting up booby traps in the backyard for potential intruders, and generally running around like crazies outside. It was so awesome. I hated everything girly back then, I hated wearing dresses and getting dressed up, because what is the fun in that really? I much preferred my jeans and crappy t-shirts.

I'm still kind of like that now, I like random adventures, I don't care less if I end up all muddy, and I would love to spend a day rigging up some booby traps to catch possible intruders, or spend the day playing in a tree fort. I would be so down with that. BUT, I also love love love to shop, and I especially love pretty dresses. Especially ones that are never appropriate for the occasion, but I wear anyway.

So yeah. There it is.

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sp said...

I like the new look and as to the other ....... i think one day you should wear a pretty dress and play in a tree fort. You never were one to follow the crowd,good on ya mate.

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