Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ahhh, the feeling of my own familiar keyboard is quite lovely. It is very hard to write anything at all when you have to backspace after every word. I'm in the midst of getting my desk set up, and it is pretty damn great. It has been YEARS since I've had a desk to actually put my computer on, and honestly, I forgot how wonderful it is. Not to have the laptop actually on my lap, burning my legs. Not having it on the kitchen table, with papers and random office supplies scattered everywhere. Yes, I love my desk.

I am almost settled in my new living arrangements. I have a couple more pictures to hang, and a couple more boxes to unpack, but other than that, I'm pretty set. Living in a different area of town is really weird, especially after living right downtown for so many years. Life in the North end...well, it feels like a completely different city almost. Things are a little calmer, there are a LOT less crazies (as in, I haven't even seen one!), and people seem...nicer?

I've only lived here a short while, so it is hard to tell if these initial observations can be trusted with any amount of accuracy. Time will tell on those matters.

I must say though, it is quite lovely to leave my car parked here, and not worry that it is going to get a)broken into b)destroyed. Nothing ever happened to my car downtown, but I always went to bed with this sense of, "i sure hope Priscilla is okay when I get up!".

It is also nice walking to places without constantly looking over my shoulder. I developed a habit when I lived downtown of constantly checking over my shoulder and clutching my purse to my chest whenever I passed a sketchy looking individual. It's not like downtown st. kitts is downtown ghettoville, and I don't want to give it a bad rap, but I find it is better to be cautious then to have some druggie run away with my purse.

But I must say, as close as I am here to the water, and to cleaner air, I miss downtown. There is a certain kind of energy there, it's in most downtowns really, that just isn't present in other areas of the city. I miss walking to work (so very very much), and I miss being able to walk to the market on Saturday mornings. Driving to the market on a saturday morning just doesn't have the same appeal for some reason.

I'll learn to live with it though, it is just the way it has to be for now. Also I work downtown and spend a large portion of my day wandering around down there, so it is not like I am cut off completely from the hilarity and uniqueness that is often downtown life. "Maam, do you have change, I need to get the bus to Sarnia". "Dude, you need to make up your mind, last week you lived in London, this week you live in Sarnia...pick one! And no, I don't have change, sorry.".

Anyway, it is going to take some adjusting, that's for sure, but in the meantime, I am going to do my best to become a North end girl. There has to be something great here somewhere. And if anyone is going to find, I'm pretty sure I will. I have a nose for these sort of things. I'm going to hop on my pink sparkly bike and explore away.

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