Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Hump Day Thoughts

Oh "hump day"...that phrase brought me back to high school!

I don't have it in me today to make one post about one particular topic, so I think I'll go for more of a random thought type of deal. Go with the flow, see where it leads me kind of thing.

I'm not going to lie, I spend 90% of my day fantasizing about either travelling or opening my own animal sanctuary. I just become increasingly bitter every day though, because I snap back to reality, and hey! I'm still here.

Trying to be a writer is brutal. I have enough rejection letters to wallpaper an entire room. It is so frustrating, some times I just want to be like, "screw it!", but then I think of my job, want to poke my eye out, and my resolve comes back.

The other day I went to the dentist, and this was the first time in three years that I had been. I have no dental coverage, don't judge me! Anyway, apparently I grind my teeth at night and now I need to wear a mouth guard at night. Attractive! I've only had it one day, and I hate the thing. But grinding my teeth while I'm sleeping? GROSS. I disgust myself. Apparently, grinding your teeth at night is an indication of stress, but I can't imagine what it is I'm str...orrrr maybe, it might have something to do with not knowing where the hell my life is going. Oh quarter life crisis, I want to punch you in the knee.

In an effort to make up for the extreme boriness of my daylight hours, I tend to try and find the most random things to do at night/on the weekend. Seriously, anything at all will do, as long as it's new. Extra points if I get to travel somewhere (anywhere). This past weekend, I dragged two of my friends to the World Championship of Rock, Paper, Scissors in Toronto. It was ridiculous. Like, I can barely put it into words, so perhaps I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I am trying to get one of my friends to go skeet shooting with me, but NO ONE will go for it. Seriously, anything random with the potential to be fun, sign me up!! Finding random and fun things to do in the Niagara area is kind of hard sometimes because for the most part, there is not a lot of stuff happening. But I found a nearby place to go skeet shooting, and nobody is sharing in my excitement.

Last week I made it my goal to get the autographs of all my favourite childhood stars (Fred Penner, Jeff from Today's Special, Jodie from Today's Special...), why, you ask? Because sometimes, at work, I am just that bored. Plus, having Fred Penner's john henry would be sweet. You better believe I would frame that and hang it on my wall. Anyways, so I was randomly googling "Jodie from Today's Special", whose actual name is Nerene Virgin, and it turns out she is a politician now. It also turns out she is on Facebook. So I randomly added her as a friend, and she accepted. Bwahahaha, Jodie from Today's Special is my friend on facebook. Is it wrong that this makes me so happy? Now I need to figure out the least creepy way to ask her for her autograph, preferably on a picture of her in the pink suit from Today's Special.

Last night, I went to see A Christmas Carol, the 3D version. Has anyone seen this?? I found it very....odd. I thought the setting was done very cool, London looked amazing!! It was some super cool animation. The story? You can't go wrong with the story, it's classic. However, this version was just...odd. First off, there are numerous parts in the movie that are scary. I'm talking oh shit, something just popped out and now I'm choking on popcorn scary. I hate scary movies with a passion, but I really wasn't going into A Christmas Carol expecting to jump out of my seat several times. I DO get easily startled, but this seemed excessive, especially for a movie that seems like it's meant for children. More importantly! What the shit was up with the Ghost of Christmas Past? The head twitch? The bizarre Irish accent? The eyes?? I couldn't concentrate during that entire part of the movie because the Ghost of Christmas Past was such a messed up mofo. Also...whoever made the decision to make the animated characters look a lot like their real life counterparts...wrong choice! It was creepy.

Now, I love Christmas movies as much as the next person, but if you are going to watch A Christmas Carol, stick with the Muppet version! Speaking of Christmas...there is no holiday I like better than Christmas. I am all for tacky decorations, cheer, wrapping presents, Christmas music, family and baking. I try to watch one Christmas movie a week up until Christmas Day to increasingly up my Christmas cheer. Up this week: Prancer. Also, we have one of those miniature Dickens villages, and I LOVE it. I am obsessed with it. Every year, new pieces are added, and I take hours setting it up and making sure everything/body is in a sensical position. We have a train that moves. We have a tunnel. We have a hoopa. If I could Honey I Shrunk Myself into that village, I would do so in a heart beat. I will post pictures of this years village once it gets set up. I cannot wait.

Wow, I was kind of in a bad mood at the beginning of this, but talk of the Christmas Village has made me merry!!

Okay, we are nowhere near this intensity. Yet. If I found a roller coaster and a ferris wheel to go in my village (and an extra room to house the entire thing in) I would die a happy woman.

Anyways, Happy Hump Day!


lifelove'n'wine said...

"Now I need to figure out the least creepy way to ask her for her autograph, preferably on a picture of her in the pink suit from Today's Special." Haha, that's awesome.

I love Christmas and Christmas movies too! But not as much as I love Christmas specials!

Laura said...

Today's Special was one of my favourite shows!!!!! oh Muffy... hehe
good luck with getting the autographs!

I still have tucked away in a safe place a black and white picture of Mr Dressup, Casey and Finnegan - autographed. :)

I heart Christmas too! Come Dec 1, it will be Christmas cheer in full force on my end!

carissajaded said...

First of all, your not alone in having no dental. And if it makes you feel better, I haven't been in (i can't believe im admitting this) 7 years?? I think I do an ok job at brushing my teeth and flossing, but I'm 99% sure I have a cavity.

And I really need to go, but I'm scared of what it will cost... It hurts to chew gum.

I love what you're doing with the celebrities. I exchanged a few emails with Keith Coogan once (last year) because I was in love with him, but I was too chicken shit to ask for an autograph!!

Also, it has been a goal of mine for a while now to do random things. But I haven't come across anything so awesome as a Farkle Championship. Yes, you must post pictures. I don't even really know what skeet shooting is, so maybe that is your friends problem with going as well...

I too, talked myself into a merry mood today through thoughts of Christmas. Can't wait! I want a village now!

Meg said...

haha, I'll keep everyone posted on my autograph mission.

Yeah, Christmas specials are pretty great too! Really, the entire month of December is just amazing.

Laura, Okay, I definitely just googled "Mr. Dressup" to see if he was still alive, and came across the very disturbing website "Dead or Alive". You type in the name, and it tells you if they are, well, dead or alive, how they died, date of death. wow. Anyway...very jealous that you have his autograph.

Carissa, ouch, you should definitely get your tooth checked! That being said...the dentist is ridiculously expensive. I was like, $35 for x-rays??? So bitter. Luckily, I got the mouthguard for free, or that probably wouldn't be happening.

Also, keep shooting is the sport (?) where you go to a gun range, they shoot clay disks into the air, you yell "PULL" and try and hit the clay disk. It looks like SO much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I am ALWAYS up for doing random things with the potential to be fun. Skeet shooting? Yes, yes, yes!

I too spend a large portion of my days fantasizing about travel and owning a sanctuary. Let's find out how they operate Best Friends and copy them in Canada, yeah?

- Kristen

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