Friday, November 6, 2009

Furry Friday

Wow, am I glad it is Friday. This week has been eternal! Every so often I get stuck in a "what am I doing with my life" funk, and I can't bring myself to do much of anything, let alone blog. Bahhh, the stress of it all. I tell ya. I think the problem is there are so many things I want to do in my life, and I start to panic because what if I never get to do them all? So many places to go, so many things to accomplish! Then I get lost in a pit of worry and woe is me, and it is just not pretty. However, I just have to keep on truckin' I suppose!

My doggie pictures from last night kind of suck, because I was attempting to take them while walking the dogs on a leash, which is apparently kind of hard! So I've thrown in some other random pictures for your amusement (?)

Also! I would just like to relate the following incident that happened about half an hour ago:

Setting: elevator in an office building

So I'm in an elevator going up to an office because I needed to check on a phone number, and there were two men in the elevator with me. All of a sudden, another guy came running through the front door of the building, doing the frantic waving that happens when you want someone to hold the elevator for you.
I stared at him a while, then pressed the "open" button, and so he got in the elevator, looked directly at me, and said: "6th floor please". Then I just stared at him some more until he pressed the button himself. Whoa buddy, first of all, don't say thank you or anything for holding the door, and second of all, I'm not the effin elevator attendant! I'm not wearing a top hat and a cumberbund, what exactly do you think this is, and where do you think you are, The Plaza Hotel??? It's not like I am even slightly dressed up right now...I'm wearing jeans and boots with tassles. Seriously, who does that?? After it happened and he pressed the button for himself, I just stood there laughing like a crazy person, sincerely hoping that he felt dumb.

Anyways, dogs! And other random things!

Ummm probably the farthest thing from a dog ever, but you have no idea how proud I was of this pumpkin. It took me hours, and then it promptly collapsed within days. You can't see it in the photo, but I totally made another carving in the back of this pumpkin which cast a shadow of gallows onto the wall. I was hardcore about the pumpkins this year! It had to live on somewhere!!

How big of a nerd am I that I actually wear this hoodie places??

Oh. my. god. Do you guys recognize? It's Brooklyn!!! Holy shit. It was like she rose from the dead or something. Somebody told me she was done for because she got into a fight with another dog (not her fault), and I just accepted it as fact because it happens all the time. Well last night, around the corner I go, and she's sitting there in her kennel. I about cried. I smooshed her face and took her for a nice long walk. Apparently she was just in quarantine this whole time. Oh my, you have no idea how happy I was to see her. Also, she's wearing the muzzle because it's the law here in Ontario, not because she's a vicious beast!!

This dog totally sat on my lap, and it cracks me right up when big dogs do that. Love.

What else, what else. We are organizing a bake sale for the shelter at the end of November, and that coincides with Pet Pictures with Santa. Hahahaha, I can only imagine the hilarity that will be that event. And next Friday I'm helping out at an adopt a thon...should be fun!! That's all the shelter news for now.

Happy Friday everyone!!


Tiffany said...

people are really rude lately. or maybe all the time and i'm just starting to notice. i hate when i hold the elevator (or any door) open and people don't say 'thanks' almost makes me want to unhold it (if only that were possible)

new follower

carissajaded said...

People are so rude!! Especially in elevators!! I got in an elevator a few weeks ago that was semi-crowded and this girl started freaking and cussing and saying there were too many people... It was kind of offensive and I'm really hoping she just had a bad case of claustrophobia!

And I'm glad Brooklyn is ok!

angryredhead said...

I love your involvement with these dogs, it really makes me want to start fostering again!

lifelove'n'wine said...

I always love seeing the doggy pictures...brightens my day! And so glad that Brooklyn is still here!

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