Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just in Case

Just in case anybody was wondering, this is what plants of various poison varieties looks like:

And in case anybody was wondering, poison oak can stay in your system for up to two weeks. So you could be going along, thinking to yourself, "phew, I managed to escape that unscathed!", then suddenly find yourself really, really itchy. Now, I only have it a little bit, but it's hella unpleasant.

About two weeks ago a bunch of us were helping a friend in her backyard/jungle, and apparently one of the many varieties of plants we chose to rip out of the ground that day was in fact poison oak. Oops!

Personally, many lessons have been learned from this, mainly: watch what the hell I am pulling out of the ground. Never again will I attack backyard plants with such utter abandon that I don't actually look at what I am touching. I will now be on the lookout for poison oak whenever I set foot in a green space.

It's these kind of nature skills I would have learned at sleep away camp, but my parents never sent me. I'm not bitter! But boy, camp sure does look like it would have been fun! My parents tell me when I was younger they asked me if I wanted to go to camp, but apparently I didn't want to go. I think not! And if it's true, I"m a little irritated at my younger self, because what was I thinking!!

Ah well, bygones. I have now experienced what I assume is a natural part of the sleep away camp process!

In other is Scene Music Festival today! Very exciting and usually slightly tipsy times!

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