Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feelin Not So Fine, First Day of '09

Yes, I made a rhyme!

Today,I feel like what I can most aptly describe as a ball of shit. vodka and cosmos and tequila rose and peach shnapps and cherry whiskey will do that to a person I guess. Wait...I thought I said I wasn't going to mix alcohols? Clearly that went well. I really need to find some way when I drink, which isn't really too often, to make sure that I don't drink more than one type of alcohol. I mean, it always starts out well and good at beginning of the night, but it usually goes awry quickly. "I'll just finish the rest of this bottle, add some of this in, splash of this", which eventually equals feeling like a ball of shit.

I was thinking earlier today that I am getting to old for this, to be all barfy and hung over, but then it dawned on me, that it has ALWAYS been like this. I just forget. every time I drink. It was just kind of comforting to know that this feeling of blah, please poke my eye out, was not a result of oldness, but just stupidness. oh lessons I never learn. perhaps next time!

New Years was fun. I always feel like New Years gets a little to built up, and is thus doomed to be disappointing in some way, but I had a pretty great time, right up until the barfing started.

The idea of resolutions, and all that "this year, i'm going to..." has always kind of bugged me.'s like, why do they need to start only in January, especially since they usually have something to do with improving yourself. Instead of waiting until jan 1st, and resolving this year to be more healthy, nicer, etc and so forth, why not just, I dunno, try and fix the thing after you notice it. What if you notice it in say, August, and it is really something you want to work on. Why not do it starting September? Resolutions just seem so arbitrary, and create too much of a chance for failure. It just has always bugged me. I don't tend to make resolutions, but I suppose I can't help but have a feeling of what this new year might bring, and what I hope I accomplish. I don't really know where this is head hurts.

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to a spa for the day, and are going to get facials, massages, mud baths, pedicures, and I CANNOT wait. The name of the package we are both getting is called "The Ultimate Stress Relief Package". Sounds perfect to me!

Happy '09!!!

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