Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Holy crap, remember when an entire month almost passed and I didn't write anything. Where does the time go?

I honestly...I have been super busy. I thought I was busy before, but the last month has brought a whole new meaning to the word busy. Add to it the fact that it is the holidays, annnnnnd it's crazy!!

I got a freelance writing job for a little magazine, which is very exciting! I get paid and everything. And I get to attend editorial meetings. This excites me.

One day I will write something substantial. Hopefully one day soon. I'm sure any readers that I did have, have slowly left. Oops!

I recently discovered a hilarious new author Jen Lancaster. This girl cracks my shit up. Never, since reading Skinnybones, have I hysterically laughed several time while reading a book. I just read her book Such a Pretty Fat, and it is great. Read her books!

That's really all I've got at the moment. I can't wait for Christmas holidays...it's going to be great to have a whole week off. What will I do with myself?

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