Monday, December 22, 2008


My internet has been down for a while now, and I'm finding it very frustrating. I can use my mother's computer, except it takes me twice as long to do anything because her keyboard is messed up.

why won't the router just work? cripes. i have stuff to do, and it's hard to do it on this computer. it was working fine for months, and now all of a sudden, it decided to crap out. nobody knows why.

i'm not feeling very christmasy this week. maybe i need to watch some christmas movies or something. all i know is..i'm not feeling it! i cannot even wait to be on vacation from job # 1. a whole week and a half's going to be divine.

it is one of those days where everything I encountered was just irritating. the parking lot that i pay to park in...not plowed. that irritated me right off the bat. things just went downhill from there. i'm glad i'm home now. i'm going to curl up with some old school reading favourites, maybe watch some Prancer, and try and feel more christmasy.

i was going to write a big rant about marineland here, but i'll save that for another day. i sent a letter to the local paper, but apparently there were some issues with it, issues like "if we print this, you and the paper might get sued". oops! the idea of potentially being sued because you are writing the truth is disheartening. marineland to me, abuses their animals. anybody who has EVER been there and has eyes, must agree with me, at least to some extent. these are not animals that are living in an ideal environment. the dolphins are friggin blind due to the chlorine levels in the water. the whales live 30 to a tank. that is not normal!! and those deer. i think if a pack of deer would pick an ideal spot to make their home, it would not be on a slab of concrete. it doesn't surprise me though that the owner of marineland would sue. this is a man who ran over a protesters foot with his car. he's an ass. marineland does not deserve my objectivity.

anyway, apparently I am going to rant about marineland! i will post the letter that could have gotten me sued later. when I can GET ON MY COMPUTER. perhaps i'll try other niagara area publications. we shall see, we shall see.

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